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Mr. Sprinkles is in the house

I’m afraid this is going to be yet another tedious and long-winded entry. Let us begin with the homemade ice cream! Yesterday I went to the grocery store for ice cream supplies, and looky what I found: IT IS MR. … Continue reading

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mid-summer punes

I finished the marshmallows! I tried to cut them so they would fit perfectly on a graham cracker. Unfortunately, I was unable to have a s’more on the beach because I got the punes and couldn’t go. My head kind … Continue reading

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marshmallow happiness

We are going to the beach for a hot dog roast tomorrow, and I am in charge of bringing s’more fixings, so I made some marshmallows. I used Martha Stewart’s recipe, which I have made before. It’s basically an intense … Continue reading

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je suis fatigue

I forgot to mention that we saw some bald eagles at Lake Nacimiento yesterday. There was one big guy sitting in a tree, and we sat on the boat staring at him for a while, and then we heard some … Continue reading

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boating fun for everyone

Boating was enjoyed by all in our household today (well, Dede didn’t get to go boating)! Peter went sailing with his nephew, Tyler, and his nephew’s roommate (also named Peter). They had a wonderful time down in Avila. One of … Continue reading

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Suckered by cool packaging

Saturday Hedi took a finishing techiques class at the Braid Box, a yarn shop in Saratoga, CA, so I went up with her to goof around. I had enough time to go to Mitsuwa Market, a Japanese supermarket in San … Continue reading

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calling the bobble patrol

So, I made the design in my smooch ripoff tank (henceforth to be known as the Throw Caution to the Wind Tank). It is a bit goofy, what with all the giant bobbles, but I like bobbles! If the margins … Continue reading

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I gotta get me some velcro!

I’ve been meaning to make a little case for our (evil) cell phone but didn’t get around to it … until today! Tadaaa! I scrounged up some old quilted fabric I got in Japan years ago (but I still love … Continue reading

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this and that

Well, there is just SO MUCH to knit and do! I swatched the Phildar Falaise and am fascinated by it. It is springy (i.e., it has elasticity). I used 4mm needles (okay, so it says 3.9mm on my Japanese gauge … Continue reading

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It’s my falaisure

Yay, my Phildar Falaise yarn arrived today from Canada! Phildar yarns seem to be very difficult to locate in the US. A quick search led me to Aunt Debbie’s in Chillwack, BC, and a quick call secured my yarn! I … Continue reading

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