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valentine’s chocolates

I received some chocolates just in time for Valentine’s Day! They were not from Peter, though–they were from Heidi and Carolyn! I have been harrassing Carolyn about going to Marly Chocolates ever since she moved to Chicago (but only because … Continue reading

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a little bit of spring in the mailbox

Looky what came in the mail yesterday: Knitting and sewing guru Mrs. H* sent me some fabric goodies. The orange stuff is cotton lycra! I decided that I had food poisoning rather than the flu. Without going into too much … Continue reading

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cheesecake tasting

Last night I felt well enough to go to a friend’s house for dinner and cheesecake tasting. Her daughter is getting married in the fall, and she wants cheesecake. To cut costs, she is just going to buy a boatload … Continue reading

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collar me

Psssst. Hey! It’s me! bpt/blt, the work-in-progress sweater. I thought I’d drop a note while my handler is under the weather. After weeks of being manhandled by her, I’m kind of glad she has the flu. Thank goodness she is … Continue reading

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one flu over the cuckoo’s nest

I have the flu. I spent all of yesterday in bed. We live in a small house, and I never even made it to the kitchen because I was too weak. This morning I still felt lousy, but now it … Continue reading

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button madness

Look what Missa, Queen of Buttons, cooked up for me! Are they not fabulous? She will make buttons for you, too! She also does web design and all sorts of other creative things. And now for some dog content. I … Continue reading

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turning japanese

Thank you, Brainy Alison, for sending these delightful goodies! Can you tell how cute the card is? Two lovely Japanese knitting magazines, and yes, that one magazine really does say GIRLY KNIT on it. I want to knit EVERYTHING in … Continue reading

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my everchanging gauge

Wow, some knitting content! I have one sleeve left to knit on bpt/blt: You know, I think my gauge has changed drastically during the course of this sweater. Also, the cables on the front look kind of goofy, like they … Continue reading

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and the blog goes on

La la la, what shall I blog about today? Lest you all think my devotion to Peeps is but a passing fancy, may I present you with this: Yessir, I am a bonafide member of the Peeps Fan Club! And … Continue reading

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post or perish

I feel compelled to post on a daily basis because if I skip even ONE day, a large and unsightly gap appears just below the banner and before the most recent entry. What is up with that? I asked insane … Continue reading

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