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dishrag central

Leave it to cancer-fighting Megan to send me this link to Japanese dishrag heaven. Be careful, though–I don’t know about you, but seeing all the beautiful dishrags nearly caused me to lose control of my bladder! Apparently there are two … Continue reading

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I am finding it hard to find bloggable topics this week, so today I will jabber a little bit about okonomiyaki (man, that’s hard to type), also known as Japanese pancakes. That is actually a deceiving description, since the only … Continue reading

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No no noro

I had been waiting excitedly for my order of Noro Fuji yarn to arrive, and today Pete the UPS guy brought it. Unfortunately, the color scheme I got does not, in my estimation, resemble the color (#104) on the site: … Continue reading

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swiffer slippers

After the ungraceful disaster, I decided to knit something fun and quick. I hereby present the crazy slips: Thanks to Nancy for her grandmother’s wonderful pattern. I used various cheapo cottons and some stash remnants. These will be perfect for … Continue reading

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a terrible disgrace

Let me tell you the story of Grace, a sweet little sweater that innocently fell into the wrong hands. Very wrong hands. The Good: – The decision to use Lion Brand Imagine, a very modestly priced acrylic/mohair blend, was a … Continue reading

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Where is Will Shortz* when you need him? I finished knitting up all the pieces for Grace (from the spring 04 knitty), but they don’t look like they will match up neatly. I tried to do the math to make … Continue reading

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Go on, play with your food!

When wacko hermano and I were kids, we ate a lot of weiners. Sometimes, my mother would cut and boil them to resemble octopi, which made them very fun to eat! Apparently she was not alone in her endeavors to … Continue reading

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chocolate … BREAD

When I was in Portland in March, my friend Wendy told me about the yumminess of the chocolate bread at the Pearl Bakery. I imagined that it would be a moist, muffin-like concoction in the form of a bread loaf. … Continue reading

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purple people eater

Okay, peeps, I finally seamed up Split Personality: Amazingly, it fits quite well (my stuff usually comes out a surprise size). The photo isn’t that great, unfortunately, since I’m wearing a PUMA t-shirt under the sweater, so you can see … Continue reading

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O! Canada!

Opening this package and seeing all this glorious candy made me so, so happy: Isn’t it beautiful? It’s all candy from Canada! Many thanks to Terri for sending these goodies. So far I’ve had the Aero bar (super fluffy!) and … Continue reading

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