O! Canada!

Opening this package and seeing all this glorious candy made me so, so happy:
canada candy.JPG
Isn’t it beautiful? It’s all candy from Canada! Many thanks to Terri for sending these goodies. So far I’ve had the Aero bar (super fluffy!) and some Smarties. I can’t wait to try the rest, but I’m trying to pace myself.

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14 Responses to O! Canada!

  1. Julia says:

    Wow! Are you telling me that none of those chocolate bars are avalible in the States….not even Kit Kat?

  2. izan says:

    aah those kinder bueno’s are my favourites!! they’re the perfect mix between kinder and ferrero rocher, mmm!!
    you have such great friends who send you goodie packages like these!!

  3. Saori says:

    I love your website! You always makes me hungry for snacks & pastries. I always stop by at a pastry shop on my way to my BF’s with every intent on sharing — but I’m always wiping my mouth before I ring the doorbell, in case he notices any eclair stains 🙂

  4. stella says:

    Aero bars!! my all time favorite! i am so looking forward to going to Toronto in July to stock up!!

  5. Julie says:

    Ahhhh!!! They sell Aero bars in Canada!?!? I had those while I was in London a couple of summers ago. They have a mint kind too – they are MARVELOUS. I see they also have the Cadbury Dairy Milk stuff up there… they sell it here too, but not on regular candy racks – you usually have to go hunting for it. I personally enjoyed the Cadbury Fruit and Nut bars. I also noticed in England that they had an orange-flavored Kit Kat. Wonder if we’ll ever get it? We’ve been getting some other variations lately, like the (truly bizarre) Big Kat and the white chocolate version.
    Ever had a Wispa bar? Those are kinda weird (also from England).

  6. Terri says:

    Julie, we get Aero regular, chunky, w/caramel, “dark”, orange and mint. Kit Kats also come in regular, dark, chunky, orange … uh, I think that’s it. Julia, I think our (CDN) Kit Kats taste a bit different than the US ones – the chocolate is different, so that’s why I sent them. I am more of a pure chocolate fan – although I will eat any chocolate bar in a pinch! 🙂

  7. Wow, I had forgotten how different Canada candy looks. Thanks for the flashbacks! 🙂

  8. alison says:

    I had no idea Canadian candy was so exotic to our neighbours south of the border! Mint Aero bars are really good — the bubbly inside bit is bright green.

  9. Ahh….saw the aero bars too….my parents had to send/bring them by the case when I was pregnant. I even went as far as calling nestle canada and the rep sent me a case to keep me happy until I could get more…:) Thanks for the memories!

  10. Sara says:

    Ooooo…I see some Kinder Bueno in that box! I love that stuff. I got totally hooked on it when I was living in Prague. And recently a friend of mine tracked some down for me when she was in Mexico.

  11. stef says:

    it’s funny how the candy in canada is like the candy in singapore 🙂 love cadbury anything. have you tried aero mint? yuuuuum. and kinder bueno – anytime 😉

  12. leah says:

    that’s so funny-I live in Canada and I’ve been craving payday bars but they don’t sell them here 🙁 In fact…I even had a dream about buying a bunch of them…yum

  13. tania says:

    awwww! canadian chocolate.
    i just had to say I live down the street from the cadbury factory and about 10 minutes away from the nestle one!! and some mornings the air is just all chocolate all the time. bliss.
    glad you like our candy.

  14. Andi Pandi says:

    i think mint aero’s are absolutley fit as!!! and kinder buenos are fab!!! u have to taste kinder hippo’s scrumptious little buenos in the shape of a hippo ummm!!! x

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