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hot party

This might not be very interesting to anyone, but we had a block party today! Three of us coorganized it, and it turned out quite well. I was worried we wouldn’t have enough food, but we had a TON of … Continue reading

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Princess Grace, ver. 2

Some of you may recall that I attempted to knit Grace what, a couple months ago? And it was an utter failure. Neckline plunged to my navel. So sad. But you can’t keep a super eggplant down, my peeps, so … Continue reading

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did something die in here, or are you drinking Pu-Erh tea?

I have been stuck in the blogging doldrums for a few days. Feeling guilty, I decided I’d better blog about SOMETHING, ANYTHING. So, in order to drum up some blogging fodder, I decided to brew a cup of China Pu-Erh … Continue reading

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we’re jammin’ we’re jammin’ we’re jammin’ we’re jammin’

Though it was nearly 100 degrees today, I decided to turn on the oven to make some Jammers, buttermilk biscuits with jam baked into them. I’ve been wanting to make these for a while, and I just happened to have … Continue reading

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grin and bear it

Weekends have become my sewing time, and today I made this skirt: It’s New Look #6345. I used the same pattern for the school time skirt, but in a different view. It’s a great little pattern. I ordered the fabric … Continue reading

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magic markers

Remember those fruit-scented felt-tip markers from grade school? Yeah, I wanted to eat those, too. Here’s a way to revisit that fruity pen high while being fashionable at the same time: These are Fruity Felt Tip Lip Pens by Eyeko, … Continue reading

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crazy craftiness

I am not the only one in the household to pursue crafty endeavors. Peter is always drawing up plans for house and sailboat projects. Today he constructed a prototype for a heavy-duty mesh bag that is designed to hold and … Continue reading

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shortcake season

Today I went to a little luncheon for my French teacher. I was asked to bring dessert, so I decided to make shortcake, a typical summer dessert. The weird thing was my biscuits spread (hee hee. That sounds funny, doesn’t … Continue reading

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summer seersuckin’

My knitting as of late has not been terribly exciting, but my sewing has been kind of fun. I made this blouse over the weekend: It’s Butterick pattern #6020, which I got at least 5 years ago. The fabric is … Continue reading

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get your candy freak on

I just finished reading this book, and now there are some new candies to add to my “candy to try” list: – Old Faithful Bar by the Idaho Spud company (but no Idaho Spuds, since they have coconut) – Goldenberg’s … Continue reading

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