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surprise blobs

Recently I have become obsessed with surprise balls, those crepe paper-wrapped balls layered with little surprises. When I was in Portland my friend Taya and I were lucky enough to find some on clearance at Sur La Table. We snagged … Continue reading

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soup’s on

If the crafting spirits are with me, I should have some knitting and craft updates for you this weekend (Ribby should be FINISHED). Don’t hold your breath, though–lately I seem to be having difficulties getting crafty stuff accomplished. Yeah, well, … Continue reading

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pumpkin bars

In the past few days, I have eaten enough cookies to feed a small country. It is mortifying, but what can I do? Cookies are so good! Anyway, I have another holiday potluck to attend, so I decided to make … Continue reading

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Drawstring pouch 101

Just in time for Christmas, a drawstring pouch tutorial! Now, I did a really cruddy job on this sample pouch, but hopefully you will be able to understand the instructions and make much lovelier pouches. So, first you cut out … Continue reading

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More baking

Today was the Vine Street Victorian Showcase, where they block off our street and allow droves of people to wander around to listen to storytellers, singers, and bands, see Scrooge and Santa and dancers, eat popcorn and cookies, you get … Continue reading

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gingerbread cake

We had our book group holiday potluck tonight, so I decided to try out a new cake recipe. Here’s the Chocolate-Covered Gingerbread Cake from Bon Appetit: It was pretty moist and delicious. The chocolate ganache was pretty darn yummy and … Continue reading

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ribby progress

Here is the ribby cardi thus far: Not much else going on right now. There will, however, be some baking happening in the next couple of days!

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a wee wonderfuls apron

When I got back from Portland, I was greeted by a pile of junk mail and a few surprises. One of the fun packages I got was from Hillary of Wee Wonderfuls, my partner in Japanese fabric crime. She sent … Continue reading

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Back in Cali

I got back from Portland last night, and it will take me a while to readjust, I think. Here’s Deedle wearing her gift–a stylin’ shirt from American Apparel: Here’s one last Portland story: Carolyn and wacko brother went shopping around … Continue reading

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fabric stash enhancement

My mother came home from Japan a couple of days ago, and she brought me some good stuff (and though my wacko brother likes to complain that I get all the good stuff, and he just gets underwear, I must … Continue reading

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