Drawstring pouch 101

Just in time for Christmas, a drawstring pouch tutorial! Now, I did a really cruddy job on this sample pouch, but hopefully you will be able to understand the instructions and make much lovelier pouches.
So, first you cut out two pieces of fabric. For the sample I used pieces 7.5″ x 10.5″. I have to say I think that is a little on the small side for a nice satchel, so I suggest larger pieces. If you like, finish the two long edges and one short edge. I did a zigzag. Next you’re going to sew the two pieces together, but you must leave part of the long edges unstitched to leave room for the drawstring section. In the sample I started stitching 1.75″ down from the top, using a 1/4″ seam:
pouch 1 side seams.JPG
Next you need to decide if you want a flat pouch or one with a little bottom. I decided to give mine a little bottom so it would stand up better. Basically you fold the bottom corner so it is perpendicular to the rest of the bag (see tote bags 101 for another description of this process):
pouch 2 bottom.JPG
Here’s a blurry photo of the bottom after it was stitched:
pouch 3 bottom blurry.JPG
I sewed in 3/4″ from the corner.
All right, so now you have to press the seams open and sew the unstitched edges:
pouch 4 side.JPG
Here’s what it looks like from the outside:
pouch 5 side outer.JPG
Now press down 1/4″ on the top of the bag:
pouch 6 top.JPG
And then another 7/8″ or so (you want the top to hit below the opening of the sides):
pouch 7 top folded.JPG
Now stitch the top part down. I edgestitched this part (1/8″ seams):
pouch 8 sewing top.JPG
All the sewing is complete! Now you have to cut the drawstring. You need two pieces of string, each one long enough to loop around once:
pouch 9 cutting string.JPG
I used unravelly stuff, so I put some tape around the ends. I stick a safety pin through one end and snake it through one side and then through the other. I then tie the string together in a knot and, if I’m too lazy to remove the tape, I just cut it off.
pouch 10 threading string.JPG
The second drawstring goes in from the other side and back out. Here’s what it looks like strung up:
pouch 11 threaded.JPG
Now pull on the ends and voila! A drawstring pouch!
pouch 12 finished pouch.JPG

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9 Responses to Drawstring pouch 101

  1. Kay says:

    Thanks for another great 101 Mariko! I feel like I just read a really great issue of Super Eggplant Living.
    Love your Xmas trees (both)– non-allergenic festive trees are a Good Thing. xoxo Kay

  2. gaile says:

    aw that is so cute! and so speedy! what a great idea for giftwrap too – that would be such a darling idea for gifting wine to friends….(little brain a-racing now!)

  3. Shelby says:

    Thank you for the tutorial – it’s a great pouch. And I love the idea for using it a reusable gift wrap. It’s like getting two presents in one!

  4. danielle says:

    thank you so much for the tutorial!
    by the way, i have that same exact tree…so cute.

  5. Nicole says:

    Thanks, Mariko, for the instructions! I’d just been pondering how, exactly, to make these. I wouldn’t have thought to put a bottom on, and know I would have messed up the top part, too. Which just leaves, um, getting the sides sewn together right without help. Oh, hey, maybe I’ll incorporate the french seams from your pillowcases!

  6. Megan says:

    I made a bunch of bags like this just the other day – not quite so finished, but I was able to crank out 16 in about an hour. I just cut out rectangles of fabric, fold over an inch of fabric and iron it down… heck, I’ll just put my ghetto bag tutorial on my website!

  7. stef says:

    you must have read my mind or something 🙂 i made a couple of these little pouches as a substitute for wrapper 😀
    sorry we didnt’ get to meet up mariko – maybe on your next trip up to portland, i can make a trip down 🙂

  8. Sara says:

    Just made one tonite for a quick gift I was giving. Doing the tie on it made me think a minute but I followed the directions and it made sense. Thanks!!!

  9. Melissa says:

    thank you so much Mariko- I’ve just made one of your little bags and it turned out quite well!! So well timed, as I’m just frantically trying to finish all the Christmas presents I said I’d make. Your tutorials are the best- so easy to follow and I’ve made your totebag pattern for a lot of friends for presents too! Thank you and Merry Christmas from New Zealand.

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