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drinking and typing

I spilled water all ovoer my keyboard yesterday and ruined it. Now I am using my backup keyboard, which is not ergonomic. It’s making my wrists hurt! Anyway, today is my insane brother‘s birthday. Please go wish him a happy … Continue reading

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ride the cotton wave

I found some Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece (80% cotton/20% wool) in cherry moon in my stash, so I started the springy wavy scarf with it. The colors are a little off in the photo. I am making it narrower than … Continue reading

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office space

I scored a great Steelcase metal desk and an accompanying table at a rummage sale. The thing is in good shape. It is super heavy, and I am kind of a wimp, so I had to go next door and … Continue reading

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a cake for carolyn

Carolyn sent me a recipe for a trashy pistachio cake, and I have been wanting to make it ever since. It uses cake mix and pudding mix and stuff. I like being a purist at times, but really, I grew … Continue reading

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knit in progress

I am lacking in blog fodder, so here’s a very unrepresentative, in terms of color accuracy, photo of the random, top-down pink GGH Goa cardi I am currently working on. I’m putting a cable down the back, and it is … Continue reading

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altoids revenge

I like Altoids, and I also like sour candy, so when I spied the Altoids sour fruit gum, I was giddy with delight and anticipation. First chew is pretty good, with a nice sour hit, but the gum goes utterly … Continue reading

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the appliance zone

Hi. Today I want to talk about appliances. Lately I have been mad at our refrigerator and our stove. The fridge is loud to the point of distraction (I wonder if the fridge is why my hair is going completely … Continue reading

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run, forrest, run

I have a ton of sewing projects on my to-do list, and I managed to complete a couple of them yesterday. More running stuff! Pardon the jogbra’s unsightly bulkiness. The fabric is a polyester jersey sort of fabric, courtesy of … Continue reading

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fruity fun

If you’re going to cross over to the dark side, you may as well do it in style. The entire 16-piece set? $25.90 plus tax. I love it.

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