drinking and typing

I spilled water all ovoer my keyboard yesterday and ruined it. Now I am using my backup keyboard, which is not ergonomic. It’s making my wrists hurt!
Anyway, today is my insane brother‘s birthday. Please go wish him a happy birthday if you have a chance!

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8 Responses to drinking and typing

  1. Angela says:

    Thank goodness you even have a backup keyboard!!
    And what’s up with people leaving you weird (a.k.a mean) comments? Must be PMS or something!
    I love all of your projects. And I mean ALL of them! I pretty much knit only, but I turn pea green with envy looking at your sewing and baking things. And I love reading about your adventures. Don’t let a few really strange (full moon? something in the water?) people belittle your gifts. Because we all know they are just JEALOUS!!!! :-p

  2. my first semester of grad school I dumped a vodka gimlet all over my laptop keyboard and lost six months work. no kidding!
    does it stop me from drinking and typing! no way! current # of beverages on the desk: two (tea & seltzer) & counting. the good news: apple keyboards are now only twenty five bucks.
    tooknap hearts eggplants!

  3. Amiee says:

    Hey! I just wanted to drop a comment and say that I am so jealous of you right now! I can’t knit worth a *makes raspberry sound* . so yeah..I can however sew and I lurved your patterns for totebags..they were so addorable! I hope you find a new keyboard though..i feel your pain..I spilt water on my ibook keys and thought that I was gonna die of shock.( I love my ibook more than anything in the world..it is 2nd to religion and sewing..lol.) Anyways..I gotta go so don’t listen to those mean stupid-head people that leave you rude and tastless comments…they are soooooo jealous it isn’t even funny..:D

  4. megan says:

    Any CROTCH of a person who insists on harassing my Eggplant best be gettin’ there ass to SF so cancer fightin’ Megan can fight the cancer they are calling a life!!!
    Sorry Donut, I couldn’t help myself 🙂

  5. megan says:

    I mean THEIR!!

  6. susan says:

    i’m sorry, but those rude comments are hilarious… i wish someone would leave me more rude comments, but the best i ever got was ‘what, are you 12 years old?’… and 4 cokes is a nice present for a neighbor, because neighbors should help you out with minor stuff for free… and i’m sorry again, but i’m from the south and can’t make myself say p-o-p… they’re all cokes to me…

  7. Sandee says:

    Its amazing the ugly things people can say/write when they think they are going to remain totally anonymous. As for me, I think you’re incredibly crafty and talented. Just remember, those that can’t do love to nit-pick and criticize…sheer jealousy, I tell ya!

  8. tanya says:

    i THINK you can just let your keyboard dry out REALLY well (over a week in a real warm room) and it should be ok. We snagged about 25 macs left in a dumpster in a long thunderstorm, and we kept them in the livingroom for a month or so before donating them to a grade school-they are still working.
    worth a shot

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