to be 17 again

Check out this great magazine I was gifted!
17 cover.JPG
It’s from 1973 and has all sorts of crafty instructions. Here are some lovely long skirts you can sew:
17 long skirts.JPG
How about some knit halter tops?
17 knit halter.JPG
And my personal favorite–a cycling suit. Yup, nothing says “wick away” like a knit unitard.
17 knit suit.JPG

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  1. kerrie says:

    I LOVE those long skirts, I’ve wanted to make something like that for ages. Do they look easy? Cool magazine…

  2. jen says:

    It looks fab – once I had some Jackie magazines from the same era, the whole thing was so cool! I’m not convinced by the cycling suit though!!

  3. carolyn says:

    i will so give you a dollar if you make that unitard.

  4. steff says:

    Hi Mariko!
    You will excuse me if I am off-topic with this, I just dropped in to say I’m impressed with your skill&taste..!! It was great browsing your galleries, you have such interesting ideas AND put them into practice! Your cakes for instance look good enough to appear in magazines and in cakeshops in person. I hate flowery decoration stuff on cakes, but your style is …?!quenching my aesthetic thirst?! after seeing loads of lacy rose-burdened cakes. Cream-cheese tart, Christmas chocolate roll, autumn trifle, gingerbread cake..all look simple and beautiful. And inviting! I’ll be dropping in again, see you and good luck in all you do!

  5. susanne says:

    you have to check out stitchy mcyarnpants’ blog!
    yarnpants dot blogspot dot com.
    she has that exact same photo in her museum of kitschy stitches!

  6. Oh fantastic! Love the bike suit.

  7. Sandee says:

    I’m in…I’ll raise that by a dollar if you actually WEAR that unitard and take pictures of yourself in it!

  8. Kay says:

    Ah…the Maxi Skirt, I remember it well. This was before the Maxi Pad, by the way, so it did not sound weird to say, ‘Next Wednesday is Maxi Day at school! Did you get a maxi yet?’ (OK, it sounded geeky, I’ll grant you, but it did not sound like a Feminine Hygiene Product.)
    In sixth grade, I had a hot pink & white floral maxi, made with fabric from the Hested’s store. (I was 15 in 1973, and I don’t think we still said ‘maxi’ then.) Kind of a Marimekko look, but not that good.
    Have a fabulous Maxi Day. xoxo Kay

  9. claudia says:

    Like that little bike shorts/unitard thing isn’t going straight up her…..well, you know.

  10. Andrea says:

    Make a mini-bike suit for Deedle!

  11. Samantha says:

    Love those long skirts too… think Seventeen would mind if you took a pic of the pattern page for all of us to read? 😀
    Sorry about your keyboard!

  12. Adri says:

    Oh, I’ve been looking for a long skirt pattern like that for years! Could you please give us more info? Is there anyway I can get a copy of that magazine or the specific pattern? Oh pretty please???
    Thank you SO much in advance

  13. brit says:

    Man weird, that the unitard never caught on…really

  14. Gina says:

    I’m with Claudia. The “crack” was the first thing I noticed. Then I thought about how much larger my butt would look with yellow lyrca over it. *shudder*

  15. duff. says:

    minisuit for Deedle!!! ANDREA IS A GENIUS.

  16. holly says:

    maybe it’s just the hairstyles, but those ladies on the cover don’t look like teenagers to me…

  17. Silvia says:

    I’m kind of intrigued by that pillow(?) on the cover with the flowery/circly bits. Is that really little circle things strung together? I think it would make a cute kitshy bag.

  18. Gina says:

    The knit halter tops are HAWT. I love the pillow cover, that looks like the things you were supposed to make with one of those kits where you wrap yarn around and around a little metal frame and then sew them together? Those never worked for me. Or maybe I ran out of patience, I forget.
    I love the idea of knitting your own racing outfit, complete with a number for you to assign yourself in your own imaginary race. Sweet!

  19. Clementine says:

    Very cool… This has reminded me of the set of “Golden Hands” books that my mom has from the 70’s, full of a vast array of kitschy crafty patterns and techniques. I have made her promise never to get rid of the set, but to send them to me some day when she wants the shelf space back! (Could be a long wait… Shikes, I hope the 70’s will still have humourous appeal by then…)

  20. Rachel Evans says:

    will the unitard be the next hallowig? file that under “trends to watch!”

  21. Joyce says:

    Wow ,Thanks………

  22. Kelli says:

    I am totally intrigued by the Muppet-like garment in the lower right on the cover. What is that thing?!?
    Off the topic — I found some green tea Pocky in Boston last week. Yum!!! Unfortunately, the market where I bought it didn’t have the funky Kit-Kats. =(

  23. Si says:

    yep, had that magazine the first time around…. not sure if it was that issue but i knit the fruit halters that seventeen had patterns on for my girlfriends. watermelon & strawberries – so cute!! boy, those pictures sure bring back memories.

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