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Okay, kids, the Easter candies should be on sale now, so it’s time to head out and stock up! I actually bought three bags of these Nerds Bumpy Jellybeans the other day because I was afraid they were just seasonal. Fortunately, they are available yearround as Giant Chewy Nerds or something. These jellybeans are seriously delicious and delightful. They are kind of ugly, though, so you might not think they would be so juicy and fruity and wonderful. Don’t judge a jellybean by its casing! I wrote a review about these little nuggets for Candy Addict. You can read it here.

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7 Responses to easter candy on sale

  1. Michelle says:

    I just bought some Wild Cherry M&Ms on sale at Target yesterday, hmmm. Could be interesting. I just had to get them for curiosity’s sake. Have you tried them? If they’re utterly disgusting, could you please warn me? :0)

  2. Marisa says:

    Oh, the leftover candies…fruits of the gods. I’m now tempted to run out and buy some more on the cheep!

  3. Sarah says:

    Well, I thought the Wild Cherry M&Ms were better than the raspberry ones…. but I do lovelovelove the Nerd Jelly Beans! 🙂

  4. amyb says:

    I’ve been wondering for awhile . . . what do you do with your uneaten candy? Do you have a hidden stash of old candy? I doubt you eat it all. Give it to your husband (or brother?) to take to work? Where does it go?

  5. Lydia says:

    I’ve stocked-up on my Dove Smooth Milk Chocolate Eggs. Oh, I can’t tell you how many I bought on sale, not to mention the ones I’ve bought since the Easter displays went up after Valentine’s Day.

  6. aimee noel says:

    I missed all the good left over candy at Target! I was there last night just to see if I could find the nerds jelly beans. By any chance, have you seen the giant chewy nerds anywhere in Portland yet? I looked at Target, Safeway and a Chevron station, but they don’t seem to have a huge candy selection. Freddy’s maybe?

  7. Kay says:

    I am really sorry to hear about a new Nerds product. They are so good and so bad. I am always stealing the little boxes of Nerds from the kids at Halloween.
    It’s such a hoot to read your Candy Addict posts.
    ox Kay

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