field trips galore

I thought I was going to do a lot of sitting around and working from my parents’ house, but I have had field trips every day since I’ve been here! Monday I played with my friends the Slabs, Tuesday the genius Mrs. Harris (my friend Alice’s mom who sewed/knitted all those delicious goodies for Alice’s daughter Meredith) and I visited Rose City Textiles, a haven of outdoor fabrics (just picture an entire WALL of zippers and rolls upon rolls of polarfleece), and Lint, the fancy new yarn store.
Today, insane brother and I saw Lost in Translation. It was an accurate depiction of Japan, that is for sure! We planned to see the 12:45pm showing, but oh, mister three bachelor’s degrees and one master’s degree lunatic brother misread the time, and it started at 12:30pm. Ooops. We even had to eat food court food to get there on time! We decided to wait until the next showing, so what does insane brother do? Makes me walk in the cold and rainy and windy weather into a scary part of town so he can drop off a job application to be a gas meter reader. I got revenge by making him go the cosmetics counter in Nordstrom.
Now I am going to knit on my poncho (which I am going to need, since it was practically snowing here tonight!).

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3 Responses to field trips galore

  1. Stella says:

    Oh, I love hearing about your insane brother! You guys are a trip. I have to go see that movie.
    Thanks for your nice comments about my ribbie. You should see it when my orange cat lies on it with my purple couch pillows. It’s such a flashback to this blog! I promise. As soon as I get a zipper and the cats grow opposable thumbs, I’ll do a model shot. 🙂

  2. Silvia says:

    Lint is a great name for a yarn shop. Though I’d go with Fuzzy Balls or something of that ilk. What’d you buy? Good stuff I hope. Maybe insane brother needs glasses, also tell him not to tell that story at the job interview. A myopic meter guy is probably not what they’re looking for.

  3. Ruth in Houston says:

    Sounds like you are having a good time. LOL

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