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I’ve been a little preoccupied with knits as of late, perhaps because of this whole “I’m going to make my own panties” deal. So, this striped knit fabric has been in my stash for I don’t know how many years, but I finally decided to make something out of it (because I am preoccupied, you know, and my panty fabric hasn’t arrived yet). I used a pattern out of the autumn 2007 Poch

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  1. you know because you have been here that fashion is on another level. There are plenty of things that adults (ok, young women) can wear and look KAWAIIIIIIIIIII! (cute) that any american woman would get laughed off the street for wearing.
    you do seem to pull it off though. you look cute and don’t look like you belong in a circus.
    or maybe I”ve been here too long…………

  2. megan says:

    no tshirt and some leggings. and maybe a big chunky necklace. done. super cute…on you!!!
    gimme all those drinking glasses. if you gave ’em away i’m going to have to kill all of you! i hope you kept them, i’d love to have a tastey beverage from one or all of them next time i visit.

  3. Laura says:

    Megan is right, some leggings and a chunky necklace and you’ll look super-stylish. I *love* what you wear, and if I had the figure to do it, I’d copy you shamelessly!

  4. claire says:

    Oh but I adore this! Especially with the wide pants. I think you can definitely pull it off.
    Love your blog by the way!

  5. amy k. says:

    oh this totally works, but I agree, leggings, especially for summer! and do you keep your weed in the pockets?

  6. Kay says:

    OK, if you can’t wear this, who can? If not now, when? Etc etc.
    While I would not argue against leggings I think the pants look supercute with it.
    Very comme des garcons 1980s, although a different palette.
    Panty-fabric watch can be a tense time for anyone.

  7. melissa says:

    I agree, it looks cute! Maybe skinny cropped jeans?

  8. carolyn says:

    i think it looks cute the way it is. leggings? Yuck! skinny jeans? double yuck and you’ll never get them around your calves, i’m sorry to say.
    stick with what you’ve got.

  9. Mariko,
    I enjoyed seeing you yesterday, and I LOVE your blog. Jessie and I also had the “lemon twists” when we were kids. I think it was the only present we ever got from our grandfather.
    I looked through your flickr pix. We too went through asbestos removal. Fun. Fun. Fun.
    -Katy Wolk-Stanley

  10. Peggy says:

    So you forced Deedle into the shot to prove you didn’t throw her out? She’s all like, I don’t know this person.

  11. shelle says:

    i think it looks great! i think you would need bigger shoes to make it in the circus.

  12. Seanna Lea says:

    I’m with shelle. You don’t have the Ronald McDonald shoes on, so no circus look. Though if you were wearing a Bozo wig, maybe…

  13. This is way cute! But the fabric looks like it would make great panty fabric too. Have any scraps?

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