lovely lycra

I’m sure you are as shocked as I am that I am blogging two days in a row! That hasn’t happened in years! Anyway, as promised, I did make some running shirts for myself with my new coverstitch machine and my serger (I used flatlock, hence the colored seams).
I am thrilled to have the coverstitch machine, but I haven’t yet mastered it. I really wanted to use Woolly Nylon in the looper so that the stitch that is against my skin would be nice and soft. I haven’t been able to perfect the tension with the Woolly Nylon, though, so I have been forced to use regular serger thread in the looper, which results in a scratchy stitch. Not very practical.
With the green shirt in the top photo, I reversed the stitching in the neckline so the serged part is on the outside. I think that will be a good solution if I never figure out how to employ the Woolly Nylon, but for some reason it was awkward stitching the neckline that way, and the neckline wouldn’t lay flat.
So, the first top I made was this one. I used some leftover fabric from a few years ago. This fabric is weird. It is pretty meshy, and yet it is weighty, so it’s a little hard to sew on. When I sweat, too, it kind of sticks to me. That’s not the best look.
The second top I made is the maroon one. While that pattern might be fine for a regular T-shirt, it’s not ideal for a running shirt, because the sleeves fit too well. I need a little more room around the arm for my vigorous arm swinging (okay, not really, but it sounds good, doesn’t it?). So, I adapted that pattern and created the one in the top photo. I wore that green shirt running the other day, and it was super comfy, and I was relatively pleased with myself until I got home, took off the shirt, and noticed sweat spots on the boobs. To make things worse, there was a sweat line underneath, so it looked like a smiley face of sweat. I think this issue may be resolved with the proper jogbra (a padded one from lululemon), but who knows.
So, I have some more running shirts to make, plus I do have to work on those PANTIES. I still hope to overcome my technical difficulties, but really, I am not very technical. If you have any suggestions out there, please feel free to share!

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10 Responses to lovely lycra

  1. Hey great job! I think the shirts look good! Keep it up. (^_^)v

  2. Ha, ha! You’re making me laugh out loud! Especially the first picture!

  3. Emma says:

    They look great! Although boobie sweat marks are a bit unfortunate… Good luck with your other running shirts!

  4. splatgirl says:

    That stuff looks fantastic!
    Argh about the boobie sweat, although I fear unfortunate crotch sweat much more. I hate that workout clothes can be such a mystery like that. You just never know when something will give you ugly sweat.
    As opposed to sexy hot babe sweat?
    But you get what I’m sayin.

  5. brit says:

    i’m totally inspired, I love the serger seams on the outside idea. I’m going to do it! First a trip to Rose City.

  6. megan says:

    i want to see panties using the pink comic book fabric!!

  7. Meg McG says:

    hi there, first time commenter!
    I saw on links to a sewing pattern library that includes underwear, obviously I thought of you 🙂

  8. Lydia says:

    Good job! I especially like the tank.

  9. Jennifer says:

    They look great. Love the Super Hero action photos.

  10. SusieM says:

    M, The tops look great—I love the comic book fabric!

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