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coffee setup_1024x682.jpg
Here in the Pacific Northwest, we take our coffee quite seriously. People really, really like their coffee. I myself am very fond of coffee. I wouldn’t say I am fanatical or super snotty about it, but I do view non-coffee drinkers with a bit of suspicion* (but I don’t discriminate. Some of my best friends don’t drink coffee. They’re weird, though.)
coffee filters_1024x682.jpg
Anyway, the reason I bring up the whole coffee thing is because I was thinking about the single-cup drip-filter method (which Peter uses and which I employ for decaf) and how it is super delicious but oh! I use a plastic filter, and isn’t it bad to heat up plastic? I don’t really know, but I decided having a non-plastic filter might be a better way to go. It’s actually not that easy to find ceramic filter cones, and it is impossible to find them with a single drip hole. After years of experimentation, we have determined that more than one hole means the coffee drips too quickly, and you end up with watery, icky coffee. Melitta is the safe brand to go with, since they seem to push the single hole, but they make the plastic cones. I found this very cute ceramic filter cone (by Beehouse! I love Beehouse! They make very cute teapots) at Sweet Maria’s.
coffee filter bottom cu_1024x682.jpg
The problem is it has two holes (actually, this wasn’t a problem for me, since I am a careful and deliberate pourer, but Peter is a dump and run kind of guy. He made some snide remark about not having time to gently spritz the coffee grounds with water). But, there is a remedy. Peter went to the trusty hardware store and got a little cork plug, and now the filter works like a charm! Yay, coffee!
*Just another thing that endeared me to Kay was her confident and boisterous approach to espresso. She was tossing out words like “crema” and “macchiato” and telling me the best places to get espresso in Rome.

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  1. Susan says:

    I’m a non-coffee drinker, basically. I do like the Hong Kong style milk tea plus coffee drink. But that second photo looks like a toilet or something. I’m sorry…

  2. Lydia says:

    Er, good job finding that toilet-looking thing. I would love to get rid of as much plastic stuff as I reasonably could, but I keep hearing that little voice telling me that: milk cartons are lined with it, potato chip bags are lined with it, the pipes for water for my house are PVC, plus, I wonder how much plastic is in my espresso machine, and the list goes on. What a mess we’ve made for ourselves. Anyway, enjoy that coffee!

  3. Skogul says:

    I do believe I spy an IKEA kettle~
    Also: I didn’t even know they made those single-cup filter basket things! That’s awesome, although I’m not sure I’m quite ready to invest in one yet.

  4. stef says:

    Oh I’m commenting on two posts in a row!
    I always use a ceramic dripper (2-hole, Kalita). When I bought it I read the instructions and they said something like “before placing the paper filter pour hot water over the dripper to warm it up”, though I rarely do that. It seems that ceramic drippers are “better” because they keep the heat and the coffee grounds get properly steamed.
    I’m the only coffee-drinker in the house and always make coffee for one. Having coffee-drinking guests pleases me awfully – you can take that as an invitation 🙂

  5. Shannon says:

    My husband abhors coffee and I love it. I think we’d have a better marriage if he drank coffee, haha.
    I’ve never even thought about the filter basket being plastic. Interesting!
    Have you tried Grounds for Change coffee? They roast it in Poulsbo by the order. So, I ordered by coffee and I got it three days later, and it had been roasted the day before I arrived. SO GOOD!

  6. Raquel says:

    No french press among the coffee accoutrements? I’m disappointed. 🙂
    If you’re ever on the west side of town, you need to swing by Longbottom Roasters in Hillsboro. They and Stumptown (of course) are my local faves.

  7. If those people want pictures of toilets, they can come to my blog and see the Toto Aquia II and the Washlet S300 after they arrive. Hahaha.

  8. FandangoTraveler says:

    Go to eBay. Melitta made (and maybe still does) some wonderful sets with filter and pot. I lived without electricity and tried many different methods – this one worked the best for me. Mostly, it was the smile of using the wonderful aqua ceramic filter with the equally darling pot and then standing and admiring the entire setup! But seriously – check eBay.

  9. FandangoTraveler says:

    Go to eBay. Melitta made (and maybe still does) some wonderful sets with filter and pot. I lived without electricity and tried many different methods – this one worked the best for me. Mostly, it was the smile of using the wonderful aqua ceramic filter with the equally darling pot and then standing and admiring the entire setup! But seriously – check eBay.

  10. Alma says:

    I have a ceramic, one-hole filter made by Muji but it was years ago. Maybe they don’t make them anymore.

  11. Emma says:

    Uh oh, I don’t drink coffee! I’ve never even tried it, or tea for that matter.
    Can I still come and comment on your lovely blog?
    *lurks suspiciously*

  12. Lisa in Toronto says:

    Maybe you will have luck on Ebay.
    My mother has had a one-cup ceramic Melitta filter for at least three decades ….
    I think it is indeed light blue.

  13. This post is so not fair, M. After successfully hooking my husband on an a.m. coffee ritual I have recently successfully weaned myself off of it. It felt so wrong to NEED it. My husband was fine with quitting (um yeah, he had to quit also–that’s how things work around here) because he told me that he wasn’t addicted, despite imbibing ritualistically for the past eight years. Fast forward to yesterday’s hike, deep in the woods when he said that he felt he was “slow” and the subsequent massive headache that led him directly to a cup. Ha ha (I’m so mean). So now after reading your post I am nostalgic for it. I long for a toilet drip filter and all the fancy accroutments. Aw, eff it.

  14. Margot says:

    I grew up in a household with Melitta drip-coffee, and ours always had one hole, but it seems as if Melitta has crossed into the dark side and only makes plastic now. Lame. I’ll have to tell mom to treasure her one holes (she has a single cup and a 6 cup) becaus they’re collector’s items!

  15. Melissa A. says:

    I’ve been using a french press a lot lately, but I still pour the coffee through the bottom part of my single-cup drip-filter thing. At work I use the whole thing to make coffee. I have two of them actually.

  16. Kay says:

    Zabar’s always has the Melitta ceramic cones in stock, I think. Which I didn’t ever get, despite this being my SOLE HOME BREWING METHOD SINCE 1981. (LET THAT SINK IN. LOYAL TO MY BREW METHOD.) Because I occasionally break the glass carafe, so it stands to reason that I am going to break the ceramic cone, right? I’ll rethink that, while I still have brain cells not destroyed by daily consumption of hot plastic in my coffee.
    Question: Have you tried the Chemex aka the Fancy Drip Cone system? They have one that’s just beautiful, glass sculpture, very covetable. Now I’m worried that they ruined it with excessive holes.
    You’d be boisterous and confident about your espresso after 2 weeks in Italy with Orna, too: the equivalent of a PhD in coffee culture. I found the one in Portland at the cart irreproachable, but just a touch too bitter for me. But it seems the Pacific Northwesterners like their coffee to have that little bite.
    Bee House Problem In NYC

  17. Yin says:

    boy that makes me want a big cup of coffee! great post!

  18. Juliana says:

    Mariko, I saw a really nifty thing – a drip pot with an hourglass flask – described in the NY Times magazine a couple weeks ago. I clipped it because I wanted to order it for myself…(selfish, I know!). It is called The Chemex and is in the permanent collection of hte Museum of Modern Art. I’m assuming you can buy it through them. We recently broke our last remaining french press so I have been using my melita filter but I think all the toxicity reports about plastics have turned me against it and the taste. Maybe The Chemex will make the perfect cup? Miss you!

  19. Juliana says:

    If I read your other comments carefully before posting myself, I would have seen that Kay already mentioned The Chemex. duh! I’m sleep deprived!

  20. Jill says:

    We used to use Melita filters, too, and loved the taste, but I was worried about the plastic, too. We recently switched to the all-glass Chemex the other people have mentioned, and the coffee actually tastes even better! I’m not a fan of the oily, texture-y french press coffee, and this is not that at all. It’s in the same vein as Melita filter coffee, but somehow even better.

  21. lindsay says:

    Yes, it is very dangerous to heat plastic and eat from it. Please do not microwave tubberware or any plastic container for that matter, or use heated plastic that touches food. (baby bottles for one!) It does cause cancer, not just a crazy tale or anything. My mother had to have her thyroid removed b/c of cancer caused by heated plastics.
    * okay, stepping down from my soap box now *

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  23. yuan says:

    oh yes! the long awaited coffee post! thanks for giving me another way to brew coffee. b/c that’s just what i needs.

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