you say flip flops

So clearly my trip to Japan didn’t motivate me to actually start blogging or making stuff again, but what can you do. I did make something in Japan, as you can see. Apparently fashioning one’s own zori (aka flip flops and THONGS, as we used to call them back in the day) is a popular crafting pasttime in the land of the rising sun, so who am I to argue? When in Rome (or Japan, in this case), right?
There were lots of craft books with zori designs, but I opted for a handy, all-inclusive kit. I decided to make it in Japan, since the instructions were in Japanese, and my mother and aunt were right there to assist. They were so “helpful,” however, that at one point I had to tell them to STOP TALKING so that my pea-sized brain could figure out what was going on. The zori aren’t that difficult to make. The most time-consuming (and frustrating) part was turning the straps inside out, but hey, I just made my mother do it!
You can easily make these without a kit. You just need some rope for the basic structure and fabric strips. Mine came out a little defective looking, but then, my feet are a bit on the defective side, so I reckon it’s all good.

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  1. carolyn says:

    those crack me up, duderonomy.

  2. Seanna Lea says:

    Those might look a little defective, but they also look pretty comfortable.

  3. m.k. says:

    My Mom has made a few pairs and they are very comfortable, but she has been claiming that she doesn’t know how to make them in my size yet. Okay, so I have size 11 feet, but I think that she’s really just trying to tell me to make my own. She’s been using old t-shirts and I know I have a few I can sacrifice for that.

  4. Tizzy says:

    Fun! Cute! And the look so soft and comfy.

  5. melissa says:

    Whoa! That hanger contraption is pretty cool. That looks like a fun project!

  6. melissa says:

    Whoa! That hanger contraption is pretty nifty. Looks like a fun project!

  7. Lydia says:

    I’ve seen some books with instructions for those in Kinokuniya, but then they are in Japanese, so I figure I’m not up for the challenge.

  8. debbie says:

    hey – that’s neat! i like it!

  9. Taya says:

    My grandma used to call our flip flops “zoris.” I never knew where the term came from. I hope you will wear them the next time I see you.

  10. Kay says:

    I’d seen those and wondered what the story was. The fact that you can make them from rags or fabric strips is so very exciting. It figures that you would be making them! Next stop: kits at Purl Soho!
    So glad you’re back.
    xoxoxo Kay

  11. Andrea says:

    they look pretty comfortable

  12. Susan says:

    Those are so cool! I have a tiny thumb-sized pair made of straw by some old grandma that a lady gave me in a fabric store in Miyazaki and they’re so cute. I want to make real ones too!

  13. Jessica says:

    We call them thongs in Australia too…the US connotation for that is always funny when I’m around American people. They’re very cute! Well done :o)

  14. ai says:

    That’s a fun activity for sure.
    I’d love to hear what else you did in Japan! Any pictures from the trip!?

  15. efi says:

    i love japan could anyone please recommend some interesting blogs about japanese culture lifestyle food fashion etc?

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