hot socks

toe spreaders_1024x682.jpg
I am a fan of socks. In fact, even in the heat of summer I generally wear socks. I have been trying to collect more short, ped-style socks so that I don’t look quite as ridiculous wearing socks with shoes in the summer, and really, there is no better place to get weird yet highly specialized socks than Japan (I realize the socks above are not summer socks, and yes, I am wearing weird toe spreaders. For more info on those, see below**).
I am also quite fond of toe socks, and now I have a medical reason for wearing them (again, see below**). Some of my friends are physically repulsed by toe socks. I’m not sure why. Anyway, these toe socks are great because you can wear them with cute little flats.
Aren’t these cute? They have some nice embellishment in the toe region. I guess you’re supposed to wear them with little skimmers so the embellished portion is visible. I don’t think I have any footwear that fits the bill, but I thought the socks were cute.
My friend Yumi gave me these. Aren’t they crazy? I couldn’t really figure out if I was supposed to tie the bow in the front or the back. Does it matter? I guess I could do some sort of criss cross pattern up my enormous calves, too. Yeah, that’d look great.
These are most likely the craziest! They are designed for a very specific style of sandal, don’t you think? I thought I had some sandals that fit this configuration, but I was wrong. Oh well, they are still pretty cool socks.
**Toe spreaders and toe socks: I have a new podiatrist (he has a bit of a cult following here in Portland) who is all about getting our feet back to their natural state. This means NO high heels or shoes that squish your toes together. This also means encouraging toe spread and strengthening the feet. I have gotten rid of my orthotics and my motion-control running shoes and am now training in racing flats! It actually makes a lot of sense, and I look forward to trying some barefoot activities. In the meantime, though, I’ll stick with my weird Japanese socks!

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36 Responses to hot socks

  1. flatfoot says:

    since this post is about foot related items and you mentioned your fondness for toe socks, I thought this would be a good time to highlight the Vibram Five Fingers in your “wanting” list. You need to get them NOW. lol. they cost a couple of shiny pennies, but they are sooo worth it. I don’t work for the company (honest!) but I encourage everyone to own a pair. I have the KSO’s and I use them for anything that would require tennis shoes- errands, running, biking, anywhere that doesn’t require dress shoes. As far as running is concerned, I think they are the closest you can come to barefoot running, but that’s just my opinion. Ever since I brought these things, my other tennis have been collecting dust in the corner somewhere. I have thin, sporty toes socks to go with them but i probably won’t use them until it gets cold outside…
    Side note: Your friends who aren’t fond of toe socks are going to freak when they see these things. I’ve been called frog girl on more than one occasion..:P

  2. MicheleLB says:

    Cool socks! I think sandals last a lot longer if you wear some kind of sandal sock with them. Great idea!

  3. Bethany says:

    Okay, Marcie D, those yellow things in that last picture cannot be called socks.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Ooh – all very interesting socks. I get that weird tingly feeling when I see toe socks. Something seems a little off about having things between my toes (I can’t wait to have that paper towel toe spreader removed when I get a pedicure). So I totally get the people who don’t like toe socks. It’s sort of like fingernails on a chalkboard to me.
    But – I’m intrigued by the Portland Podiatrist with a cult following. I just bought some MBTs. I wonder if the doc would approve. I think it’s a great concept. Do you just wear the toe spreaders around the house?
    PS – Yellow pedicure socks are my favorites

  5. Skogul says:

    My SO is repulsed by toe socks too! My mom used to grab them from the bargain bin at Mitsuwa and send them to me after I moved from CA to MA and my SO would always make a horrified face and a “bleuch” sound whenever I wiggled my feet with them on.
    I think they’re hilarious and rather comfortable.

  6. Where are you finding these great socks? In my neck of the woods, we have nothing stylish whatsoever…sigh…

  7. freecia says:

    I just bought some striped ped socks from Uniqlo in Soho. Uniqlo ships if you call the store/order via email. Neato huh?
    How does a natural foot formation help with heel pain? I mean, barefoot walking on things like sand might be fine but in cities with cement or rural areas with sticks and stuff, I’d imagine that’d kinda hurt after 1/4 mile.

  8. Lydia says:

    What fun socks!
    I have pretty much abandoned my orthotics, too. I have come to believe that all they did was create a dependency on them, rather than help build my foot muscles up (I have really flat feet); much the way I think eyeglasses do. However, I have gone the other way and wear high heeled shoes almost all the time (higher than the 1″-2″ heels podiatrists recommend) out of the house, and they are shoes that don’t squish my toes and allow some degree of wiggle. When I’m at home, I spend a lot of time walking around in flat shoes and concentrate of tightening my leg muscles, spreading my toes and keeping my toes from gripping the floor by lifting them often, leaving the base of the foot to do most of the standing.

  9. Kathy says:

    I love Dr. McClanahan! He knows his stuff and is pretty darn easy on the eyes, too.

  10. suzanne says:

    I have been reading about “strengthing” the feet too. Read a cool book about ultramarathoning called Born to Run and it had multiple people in it that ran barefoot or in tie-on sandals for 50+ miles in a race. No injuries. And it suggested the same thing–strengthening the feet. I’m trying it too, after ages of being afraid to go barefoot.
    Good luck! Interested to see your progress too!

  11. molly says:

    i am more interested in those toe spreaders than the socks! i have been having foot problems like crazy the last few years, are the toe spreaders helping? maybe i need to come to portland to see your guy!

  12. Seanna Lea says:

    I love my toe socks, though I don’t think they keep my feet any warmer. My wool socks don’t keep my feet warm either, though so it is probably just my stupid circulatory system (or lack of circulatory).
    I like the idea of running in a lighter, less restrictive shoe. My running shoes are pretty nice, but after my last half I did get some blistering near the toe box.

  13. carolyn says:

    this from the girl who MADE LOTS OF FUN OF ME for wearing ped socks. uh huh.
    and EW TOE SOCKS> ew ew ew. although i admit that after an hour or so you can no longer feel the separations. but the first hour is horrible.

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