Fake smock top

pseudo smock top_512x768.jpg
I know, I know, try not to die from shock, but I did indeed finally sew something.
smock top pattern_1024x682.jpg
When I was in Japan in April, I picked up this cute pattern by Yoko Nogi for a simple top. I didn’t look at it very carefully, though, because if I had, I would have noticed that it was a child’s pattern. Now, maybe Sally can fit into child-size clothing, but alas, I cannot.
smocking progress.jpg
So, armed with very little knowledge, despite having taken a patternmaking class, I attempted to upsize the pattern. I even made a muslin! However, fitting continues to be a growth area for me, because the top is a bit on the large side. I can still wear it, though. Another challenge arose with the smocked section. The directions say something about gathering the fabric by machine then smocking it and removing the gathered stitches, but hello, have you ever tried smocking something that was erratically gathered by machine? I couldn’t manage it, so I just stitched down the gathered part then added some decorative stitching so it looks kind of smocked if you have 20/200 vision and stand a quarter mile away.
Anyway, it was fun to get back to the ol’ sewing machine, and I’ve even started on my next summer garment. I know. Try not to get overly excited now, ya hear?

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8 Responses to Fake smock top

  1. romaine says:

    looks pro or at least proish to me. good job!

  2. romaine says:

    looks pro or at least proish to me. good job!

  3. sally says:

    CUTE!! I love the smocking!!

  4. arawa says:

    That top is cute!

  5. Seanna Lea says:

    It looks pretty good to me! Especially for something you had to upsize so much!

  6. Alma says:

    Very cute. The print is really nice, too.
    Smocking is probably a lost artm like making lace. I remember my mom smocking the top of a dress for me when I was young. Something to do with elastic “thread” and handsewing.

  7. Nicole says:

    Cute! Maybe another in the white with red dot fabric you brought back from Japan?

  8. Love this top. Great job. And the sundress, too. Very cute. You HAVE been busy, eh?

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