Pirate style

Ahoy, mateys! I don’t know why I think of pirates when I see this shirt. The pattern is from Machiko Kayaki’s new book, My Favorite Shirt (ISBN 9784579112449). As some of you know, I love Kayaki’s designs. Her patterns are clever yet simple and straightforward, and the sizing seems to be just right.
I made this shirt for my mother, and my plan was to duplicate it in my nani iro knit fabric if I liked the way it turned out. The neck opening is a little low (I’m sure my mother is going to complain about that, but she can just wear an undershirt), so I think I’ll just bring it up a little bit; otherwise, I think this is the one!
Here’s a better look at the neckline:

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5 Responses to Pirate style

  1. Seanna Lea says:

    I saw Pirates and my brain just expected some kind of open front flowing shirt (usually in white cotton).
    I like the neck closure. It is interesting looking!

  2. melissa says:

    That looks great! I like that collar and button styling.

  3. sil says:

    Cute shirt, tho I’m not understanding your pirate fixation. How nice to give it to your mom, that would so not happen at my house.

  4. Lydia says:

    I like it: nice lines, nice color and refreshing style. But my question is, Where is this taking you? A puffy shirt (

  5. Sherri says:

    Love it! Any idea how I can get a copy of this book. I do not read kanji…

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