And some more summer sewing! I found this fabric in my stash, and I was quite delighted, since I have absolutely no recollection of purchasing it. Sad but true.
The dress pattern is from this book (ISBN: 9784579112425). It was super easy to make, and the dress is quite comfy, but the pattern was too big. I had to take it in on the sides (though it would have been better to take it in in the center, since it poofs at the neckline). I’m starting to think that if I had a more ample bosom, these garments would fit better, but I’m not one for elective surgery, so there you go.
I had just enough fabric left to make a quick and dirty tank top. It was welcome in last week’s extreme heat!

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8 Responses to dotty

  1. arawa says:

    Love the dress! I commend you for being able to incorporate “ample bosom” into your post. bravo.

  2. Seanna Lea says:

    Very cute! I love the dress. It looks very comfy indeed!

  3. sil says:

    Cute dress! Too bad the pattern needed alteration. I always admire the Japanese sewing books, but never sew from them. I figure I’m not built like the majority of the Japanese ladies so I’ve go no shot at making them work. What’s your guesstimate on the sizes provided in US equivalents?

  4. Charlotte says:

    Taking fabric from the middle would solve the neckline pooching problem. I’m assuming that the fronts are cut on the fold. Just scoot the pattern piece over a quarter or half inch or whatever amount you need to remove beyond the fold … keeping in mind that since you’re cutting on the fold, you need to scoot just half the distance.

  5. molly says:

    Cute!! I love the dots, and it looks nice and cool for summer.

  6. romaine says:

    omg! love that dress. so so cute. the tank is cute too. thank-you for sharing!

  7. yuan says:

    no wonder it fits you big! i’m 5’11 and a lean size 12-14, and the large from this series of books is a smidge tight on me so i just adjust accordingly. they should have built in an XS size i think. thanks for sharing about this book! i picked some up at my local kinokuniya this weekend.

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