It is here!!!!

The gummi candies are almost as good as the book, which is to say, these gummi candies are super delicious

Hello, but I have been WAITING for this book to arrive!! Yes, it is the chicken’s second, utterly glorious book: Bend the Rules with Fabric
You should get it, and I’m not just saying that because Amy is my friend. I was lucky enough to actually TOUCH many of the projects in this book, and the oohs and aaahs came naturally.
Super freakin’ awesome quilt

Now, I am not someone who plays with fabric dye or stencils or stamps and such (that’s what this book is about: “fun sewing projects with stencils, stamps, dye, photo transfers, silk screening, and more”), but seeing these projects not only made me WANT to stick my hands into tubs of dye but actually made it seem possible.
And I love this belt. I swear I had an apple core necklace just like this keychain, too

One great thing about Amy is she’s really funny, and that comes through in her book. The projects are playful and fun, and you’re not going to feel judged or humiliated if you screw something up (at least I hope so, because I can assure you I am going to screw up some projects, despite the clear and helpful instructions).
How great are these shirts? You really need to get the screen print kit. Really

Yeah, so it’s a big love fest for this book, plus I GOT A SET OF THE Bend the Rules Gift Labels, TOO, which I find terribly exciting, because I am one of those people who never has a card or label to accompany a gift.
So get on over to your local bookstore or just suck it up and order the book online, but do get your hands on it and the labels! And locals, there’s a Powell’s reading coming up, and there will be a CAKE WALK. Stay tuned.

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4 Responses to It is here!!!!

  1. blair says:

    Mariko, how can it be possible that we run in practically the same circles and I have never had the pleasure of meeting you?? Melissa was in Seattle on Thursday (don’t worry, she snapped pics of the food we ate for you) and mentioned funny things you’ve said like 50 times! I’m going to be making a special trip the next time I’m in Portland just to meet *you*. : D

  2. amy k. says:

    you are awesome.

  3. Seanna Lea says:

    I’ll have to check this out. It’s been like a million years since the last time I did screen printing, and I collect fabric at a ridiculous rate for someone who does almost no sewing.

  4. susan b. says:

    love it! and I loved seeing your name in the front too!!!

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