Kinder Joy innards

Kinder Joy innards, originally uploaded by super eggplant.

A few years back I got a little obsessed with the Kinder Surprise Eggs. Well, I got over it, but then I was at the German deli (Edelweiss) the other day and saw these Kinder Joy eggs! Was ist das? The only explanation I managed to get was that the casing is plastic (uh, hello) and the toy is separated from the candy. Very curious!
As you can see, half of the egg is filled with a white chocolate/hazelnut chocolate goo (well, it’s not really goo, but it’s not exactly hard, either) with two cocoa-dusted, malted milk ball-ish orbs. They aren’t malted milk, because I don’t like malted milk, and I like these. You use the teeny plastic paddle to scoop out the chocolate stuff.
I think the Kinder Joy is delicious, but I suspect many would find it a bit too sweet and disgusting (please note that I LIKE marshmallow Peeps as well as Cadbury Creme Eggs). The novelty factor is off the charts as well, which means two thumbs up from me.

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8 Responses to Kinder Joy innards

  1. OH that looks amazing, I too a fan of the KINDER surprise egg. I will need to search Phoenix metro for them, as shipping in 100+ heat would be fatal to the egg goo. lol You always find the BEST candy!

  2. arawa says:

    what was your prize in the other half?

  3. Seanna Lea says:

    Super cute. I love cadbury creme eggs (and was so tempted to try and make the giant one that was on Pimp My Snack), so this looks right up my alley.

  4. Zoe says:

    My family is similarly obsessed with kinder egg toys and we always request them from friends visiting Europe. I am wondering if they made these for sale in the U.S. They can’t sell kinder eggs in the U.S. because of a law that you can’t put any non-food item inside chocolate. I believe it was in response to nefarious depression era chocolate manufacturers putting things like saw dust into the chocolate to dilute with predictable and tragic results. Now the law only serves to keep us from kinder eggs, but this new separate candy and toy may be the answer! Thanks for the info, I will surely look for them!

  5. P-la says:

    Awesome, but what was the toy?!?!

  6. freecia says:

    My local Russian market has Kinder Eggs. The print is in Russian, though. I think the inner is more of a white chocolate and I’m not sure that’s right? I thought I recalled a harder crunchy crust?

  7. blair says:

    We recently had 2 kinder eggs that had been brought from Austria, and they looked exactly like the picture above. One of the toys was a weird monster type thing that might have been a pencil eraser and the other toy was a cool transformer-type toy that was an airplane.

  8. Jennifer says:

    My boys adore Kinder Eggs. I found this type of Kinder Egg for the first time while traveling in Africa. I figured it had something to do with the heat. The boys loved them. I accidentally found them again on a separate trip… forgot where (Italy, maybe?). It’s kind of fun – a surprise from the King of Kinder Surprises. Personally, I’ve never eaten any… but have purchased many.

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