Hello, 2010

Walking on the beach, originally uploaded by super eggplant.

Oh, hey, so it’s a new year yet again. I am not really one to look back upon the decade or year and, you know, assess stuff. I also am not much of a resolution maker, though this year I am going to try to eat more fruit. Oh, and I am going to say “two thousand ten” rather than “twenty ten,” or at least that is my decision for today.

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8 Responses to Hello, 2010

  1. alice says:

    I am going with “two thousand and ten” too!

  2. Sashi says:

    I’m going to say two thousand nine until people remind me that it’s a new year.

  3. Alma says:

    lovely beach pic, happy two thousand ten to you too.

  4. MicheleLB says:

    I’m all about the “twenty-ten” but I believe in your right to do it your way, too! Happy new year.

  5. Kelly E says:

    Happy New Year to you too! There’s also the every popular 2K10, which people around here (Minnesota brrrrr) actually say…Two K Ten. I much prefer two thousand ten.

  6. Lydia says:

    Happy new year to you, too!

  7. Kelly says:

    Happy new year!
    Love the pic. Where was it taken? I grew up in Newport OR and it reminds me of my home town.

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