it’s all about cake


It’s my brother‘s birthday today (the 12th. I should point that out in case I don’t post for a month or something). He is 16 months older than me, but lately people seem to think he is my younger brother. I choose to believe that is because he is more immature than I am rather than him looking more youthful.
The cake recipe is from Smitten Kitchen, and it is a keeper. I made it last summer and have not stopped thinking about it since. It’s a yellow cake with chocolate sour cream frosting.
P.S. See that flowery piece of fabric under the window? That is Deedle’s new diaper (or “seasonal panties” if you prefer) from Doodlebugduds. She has started having vestibular episodes, which freak her out and cause her to wet herself. At least now she has a cute diaper.

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9 Responses to it’s all about cake

  1. melissa f. says:

    for a moment i read “16 years older”, and thought, HOLY CRAP he’s kept well.

  2. Lulu says:

    At least Sashi doesn’t have to wear the seasonal panties…yet. But I can say that because I am turning 48, dog!!!

  3. carolyn says:

    aw, the old man is lookin’ super cute. happy birthday, loser.

  4. Jennifer says:

    He’s 46? Dang. He does look young. But wait – that means you’re not far behind and you look awesome. Such inspiration. The secret must be in the chocolate cake.
    ; )
    Happy birthday to your brother.

  5. kelli says:

    I like how Deedle’s seasonal panties are on the same table where the cake is. Just like our house. 🙂

  6. freecia says:

    Yummy cake! Happy birthday to your brother!
    He could use that photo as a dating profile pic. Like an Asian Steve Jobs/Bill Gates resemblance. The one lifting weights on his blog scares me a little. Like he’s an Asian Arnold from the 1980’s. You know, in case figures out Portland isn’t by L.A. or Hawaii.

  7. Seanna Lea says:

    I love that cake recipe. I made it to celebrate one of my friends passing the bar last year.
    You can also say that you are full of elegance and grace, which is why they think he is younger.

  8. Kay says:

    I’m feeling sorry for poor Deedle but giggling about the “seasonal panties”. Apologies, Deedle! Feel better in your rockin’ new panties!
    xoxo Kay

  9. megan says:

    he should put that pic on his profile! everyone thinks craig is younger than me too. it is because they act like children and we are so sophisticated 🙂 i might need a diaper soon…do you have any of that fabric left??

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