plaid and glad

Hey, so I broke out the Korean sewing book again (I’d link to the post about it, but I guess the post is on my old blog, and ding, dong, the link is dead! If you need to know about that book, you might have to harass my webmaster, i.e., the crazy brother).

I had this lightweight plaid fabric in my stash. I think I got it at the Fabric Depot outdoor sale last summer. It’s an easy, breezy little dress, but I had fake my way through the instructions, since I cannot read one character of Korean. Anyway, I am not sure what to make of this dress. I put it on today and did not look in the mirror. Now I am looking at the photo, and the dress looks kind of weird. Oh well, who cares! Now if only it would get hot enough so I could wear the thing.

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10 Responses to plaid and glad

  1. Seanna Lea says:

    What do you think looks weird about it? I didn’t notice anything odd. It is cute on you and the only thing I noticed was that all of the plaid lines didn’t match up, but I was looking for something after you said it looked weird.

  2. Holly says:

    It looks really cute! I especially like how the lines are coming together in the chest darts, and your use of one red button.

  3. megan says:

    Belt it and it will be even cuter! Cute! Remember that cute red halter dress you made me when I was super young and skinny? I loved that dress!

  4. Lydia says:

    Well, I say you go and be glad about your plaid, because it looks great on you! You definitely did make it a bit late for the heat wave, but maybe we’ll get another.

  5. Amber Andrews says:

    Dress is very cute! Love the shoes, too…care to share where you got them?

  6. caraolyn says:

    I think it’s super cute!

  7. luna says:

    Holy crap. It’s not hot enough for you yet?

  8. Alice McCain says:

    Dear, everything looks weird immediately after you make it. To yourself, that is. Give it a m o m e n t. It is lovely, but take the time out to appreciate it.
    your gracious unknown friend,

  9. Sharon says:

    At last I found your website — and is it fabulous (as are you!). But remember what we said in Pattern 3, that is, what looks good on you. So don’t be hiding your fabulous figure! You fought very hard for a shirt that fits. Use that pattern, girl, to make a dress!
    xo —

  10. Sharon says:

    Hey Mariko — Yes, I saw the Grecian. The top was great. Next time, do the bottom with an fitted, empire waistline and vented straight skirt. And in that color. People will be struck dead by your ready-for-the-red-carpet beauty.

    Look for another wrap-up blog from Paris. I will look forward to your blogs from Japan (going there on family? Business?) And I will see you in ISM and draping later! xo —

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