berger cookies

If I were to dwell on the negative, I would think about all the years I was deprived of Berger Cookies. Instead, though, I will look on the bright side and just be grateful that I have a good friend who hails from Baltimore, Maryland, who was kind and generous enough to bring me some Berger Cookies on her last trip. People, I am telling you, if you used to eat spoonfuls of chocolate frosting from a can like I did, then these cookies are for you.

They are very sweet, but they are cookies! They’re supposed to be sweet! I had to set myself a limit of one per day. When I ran out, I wept for a day, and then I realized that someone must have thought about trying to make these things. All hail the internet! I checked out several recipes then went with the one from King Arthur Flour. I opted for the sequel rather than the original, I think because the sequel has more frosting. Heh. I have to confess I was worried that the fine folks at King Arthur Flour would try to make the cookies more, you know, organic or whole grainy or something, but thankfully they did not. Give ’em a try!

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6 Responses to berger cookies

  1. Your picture made me gasp in admiration and exclaim, “Oh, my!” DH wanted to know why…

  2. Lauren says:

    Those look absolutely amazing! I’m totally a frosting eater too.

  3. Debbie says:

    YUM!! I queued these up right away. My 12yo dd loves to bake for us. I can’t wait until she makes them. Thanks for sharing the link. I wouldn’t have found them on KAF by myself.

  4. Robin says:

    I am from Baltimore and every time I visit friends in Oregon I bring Berger cookies. My friend’s husband hoards them in the bedroom so that no one else will eat them.

  5. john says:

    This is such a scam. How many people send you cookies?

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