pillowcaseMy mother had been harassing me for quite some time about making her some pillowcases. I don’t know why she can’t just go to Macy’s like other people and buy some. Kidding. Anyway, I had forgotten what nice instant gratification one can get from sewing up pillowcases. Really, you only need a yard of fabric and a couple of minutes. One of the cases I made was from Chico Hayasaki’s collection from Kei Fabrics. The fabric is very light yet buttery soft. Peter was very jealous of the case, so I made him one.

I wrote these instructions eons ago, but they still work! I should know, as I had to refer to them to make the cases!
pillowcase instructions

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  1. suzy says:

    Nice! That fabric looks great. I remember your pillow case and flat-bottomed-bag instructions were one of the first craft-blog things I stumbled on, years and years ago.

  2. Seanna Lea says:

    I have a square pillow (I was ridiculous last time we went pillow shopping as I perfected my pillow testing technique on all of the plastic covered pillows) and the only cases for them were really boring. I should make some out of the cheerful animal fabric I have.

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