lather up

The generosity of knit bloggers never ceases to amaze me! Jessica makes handcrafted soaps, and when she saw that I was obsessed with anything grapefruit scented, she offered to send me some soaps. I never expected anything as lovely as this:
Isn’t it beautiful? I happen to love anything green tea flavored or scented, too, so it is perfect! The lip balm is mango. She sells these items on her web site, so if you’re ever looking for a nice gift, please visit!

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3 Responses to lather up

  1. Allison says:

    Oh! I adore the scent of grapefruit – it’s my favorite! Thanks for the link!!!

  2. greta says:

    she’s GREAT, and her husband really IS a genius…as I hope to be able to demonstrate on my blog tomorrow…cross your fingers I can figure out how to post his picture of DG!

  3. Alysia says:

    How sweet! I really loved your eavesdropping post, btw. What a neat thing to look back on – I’ll be you’re glad you kept that. 🙂

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