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Not much happens in our sleepy little town, but today there was some excitement–the charming Joanna hit town in her rented convertible (darn! I should have snapped a photo of her in her car!) just in time for lunch. We walked downtown and ended up at the Berry Hill Bistro, a new place that is gaining a reputation for their sandwiches. Because I’ve been craving fish and chips lately, I opted for the fish and frites. The fish was okay, but the frites were soggy (probably because the fish was sitting on top of them). The best part of my meal, though, was the spicy ketchup. It was kind of like cocktail sauce. On the menu it said it was ketchup with chipotle, but you know, maybe they were just trying to trick me, because it really tasted like cocktail sauce! Anyway, Joanna had the BLT with avocado (affectionately known as a BLAT), and she was pleased with its construction–the avocado rested atop the bacon, which held it firmly in place.
After lunch I dragged Joanna into Panolivo, a newish French bakery/cafe. Here is a happy Joanna by the pastry case:
We oohed and aahed over the pastries and settled on some little cherry tartlets to go (I also got a sugar cookie, mostly because it had those little balls of sugar on them that I believe are commonly used for Danish baked goods? I’m sure there is a technical term for them).
Joanna showed me her progress on Rogue. It is really looking beautiful and inspired me to stay on the Rogue bandwagon (and now I’m thinking Mission Falls 1824 Cotton might be just the yarn for it). Unfortunately, Joanna could not stay forever, so after a wonderful visit, she got back into that convertible and headed south to visit her grandparents for the weekend!

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  1. Amie says:

    Hi Mariko,
    I think you are talking about pearl sugar. It’s somewhat large and white (not clear)? You can get it from the King Arthur Flour Bakers Catalogue. I enjoy your blog and especially like your food gallery!

  2. carolyn says:

    girl you are cracking me up. yes unfortunate that she could not stay FOREVER!! 🙂 hee heee… you know – it is appropriate that the frites were soggy in fish & chips – that’s how the brits eat them soggy and wet and then they dump wet vinegar on them as well! i swear – i had them in cornwall – that’s what they did!! (then again the pieces of fish in fish & chips over there are so large, it was OK to not want to eat yr chips). OK off to the post office to fuel your sugar addiction…

  3. Rachael says:

    I want you to take me THERE next time – the pastry place! Wowie! And your bpt looks perfect! Anything about that zipper et al that you don’t like, just think, “It’s a design detail.” That’s all. It’s wonderful!
    And Peter’s Rosie comment is a scream. 🙂

  4. Gabrielle says:

    Oh Man, those pastries look good! Now I have a craving for some sweets! Can’t wait to see your design in MagKnits too my dear…

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