cones and cones and cones of yarn

If you’re strapped for some yarn money, here is a deal and a half. Cones of Conshohocken cotton softball yarn. This all-cotton yarn was used by Hanna Anderson, and these cones are the leftovers, I guess. Each $15 cone has about 4,000 yards. The yarn is pretty skinny, but doubled it’d churn out a nice little summery sweater!
Peter and I went to the Chinese buffet for dinner. The waiters are all Chinese or Taiwanese or Thai or Other Asian, but their nametags display American names. Tonight our waiter was Edwin, but I seriously doubt this guy’s name is really Edwin. Once I asked a waiter what his REAL name was, and he got a nervous look on his face and ran away. This particular buffet also sports a soft-serve machine, complete with vanilla-and-chocolate twist option. Sometimes I take my own jimmies with me. Edwin and the boys don’t seem to mind.

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  1. Susan says:

    Luv those buffets! The last time Nino and I went to one, our waiter was a fellow called “Johnson.” We wondered if someone was playing a joke on him, especially after discovering his (real) last name was “Wang.” Been lurking for months – luv your blog (and insane brother’s too).

  2. Shirley says:

    How funny! That bit about the nervous waiter running away almost sounds like something you would see in a sitcom. Thanks, that gave me a good laugh!

  3. alison says:

    Ack! Don’t get me started on the English names people choose for themselves! Bill teaches a woman named Kitten and other named Pony. There’s a woman in my office called Fish, and a man named Adonis. It says a lot about a person’s self-image, don’t you think?

  4. Melissa says:

    Wished I liked knitting with cotton. Those are some good deals.
    We have the same kind of Chinese restaurant near our house. I always go for the van/choc twist.

  5. susan in pa says:

    Thanks for the yarn info! I just ordered a cone of baby pink and baby blue. What a great deal! I love Hanna Anderson too.
    My dh and girls love our Chinese Buffet, and the soft-serve machine is their favorite along with the almond cookies!

  6. carrie m says:

    you’re too funny. i’m afraid to eat at buffets because it creates a competition between my cheap side and health-conscious side. i feel as though i should eat to the point of discomfort so i make the most of the price, but then i realize that consuming three quarts of general tso’s isn’t good for anyone.

  7. fillyjonk says:

    I went to high school with a large number of Korean-American students. They all had “American” names (they were all born here) but I remember once one of the girls asking a guy
    “What’s your Korean name?”
    “I don’t know…I don’t think I have one” he mumbled.
    “Well, what does your grandma call you?” she asked.
    Then his face lit up and he realized he did have a “Korean” name after all.
    There were also some East Indian students who took on “American” names (even though they had ethnic names) because they thought their names were too hard for us to pronounce.

  8. Eklectika says:

    Maybe he was in the waiter protection program, LOL…

  9. megan says:

    OK, where do I go in SF for one of these chinese buffet joints with soft serve on the side????? I’m jealous!

  10. shobhana says:

    hey mariko,
    have you knit with that softball yarn? i’m so tempted to order a cone…

  11. lily says:

    You are a laugh riot! Always enjoy reading your blog and seeing all of your great projects. Thanks!

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