the biggest little city

We’re back from Reno! We had a fun time, and Peter’s dad came in 15th in the bowling tournament, which was good enough to win some $$. The tournament was held at the National Bowling Stadium, which has 50 lanes. It was pretty incredible, and it was great fun watching all the bowling (confession: I actually enjoy watching bowling on TV. It’s one of the only sporting events I watch).
Here are all the old guys and gals marching into the stadium:
bowl entrance.JPG
And here’s a shot of Peter’s dad in action:
bowling day 2 action.JPG
Other highlights of the trip:
– We ate the famous Awful Awful Burger at the Nugget Diner, a crazy, dingy little place that was straight out of a Saturday Night Live sketch (you know, “cheebooger cheebooger cheebooger Pepsi”). I would have taken a photo of the food and the diner, but the lights went out, and by the time they came back on, my fingers were covered in sauce.
– I went to Jimmy Beans Wool in Truckee! Very cute store, very nice owner.
– We had lunch at Ikeda’s in Auburn, and I finally got to try their pie.
– While I vegged out in the hotel room, Peter played video poker for 38 minutes on a single dollar.
– The Chinese restaurant in the El Dorado Hotel/Casino, where we stayed, was actually really good, and I learned how to say “thank you” in Cantonese.
Knitting updates to come this weekend, probably. Hope everyone had a good week!

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12 Responses to the biggest little city

  1. Gabrielle says:

    That looks like the place they filmed the movie Kingpin! Glad your fatherinlaw did so well in his tourney~

  2. Em/Michelle says:

    Welcome back!
    I like watching pool tournaments on TV.

  3. claudia says:

    Hi Mariko! I’m very fond of Reno…always a good time.

  4. Rose says:

    Was it “dwuo jei”? Sounds like fun! Oh you go to go to Jimmie Beans?!? Lucky, lucky you! I have only mail-ordered from him!
    Congrats to Peter’s dad!

  5. chris says:

    National Bowling Stadium??!! I didn’t know there was such a thing!
    Last time I went bowling, I bowled a 27. No lie, I’m *that* bad. It wasn’t because of beer, either.

  6. Sharlene says:

    Oh, I wanna go to Jimmy Beans so bad! I just ordered some stuff from them and the service was great. Fast, and no shipping charges through the summer!

  7. Erica says:

    Reno – cool… I’m embarrassed to admit that I find Reno 911 really funny – it must have been fun to see the real place. Glad you’re joining the Candy Along (ahem – what took you so long?:-) ). I’ll send you the pertinent info soon.

  8. Silvia says:

    That’s the craziest bowling alley I’ve ever seen! Wacky…
    The El Dorado also has an Italian restraunt that is EXCELLENT! I ate so many gnocchi there I had to lay down…and Truckee has some excellent dining too.
    I bow to Peter’s gambling prowess.

  9. purlgurl says:

    Ikeda’s pies rock! We’ve got a tradition of picking a few up for our snowboarding weekends in Tahoe. Must have iPie! As for bowling…we just joined a league ourselves. I’m having a lot of fun with it. Even though it’s taking me away from my knitting!
    Love your site…pg

  10. Joan in Reno says:

    And you didn’t visit our LYS Deluxe Yarns?

  11. La says:

    Ha! That’s SO funny. My Uncle’s brother participated in the same tournament. My mom and dad were supposed to go with my Aunt and Uncle. (Any reason to gamble, is my mom’s motto), but due to the family crisis, we were all in Colorado instead.
    Small world!

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