Whirlwind trip

Remember that scene in Blazing Saddles where Madeline Kahn’s character sings that song about being tired? Yeah, I’m feeling kind of tired! Got back from my trip to San Francisco yesterday then went to a wedding last night (where the groom flew in on a helicopter and the bride drove up the mountain in a Hummer!). I did no knitting and did not go to any yarn stores, but I did manage to sneak over to Kinokuniya Books and check out some of the Japanese knitting books. I surreptitiously (I think, anyway) photographed some choice designs to share with you:
sf knitbook dog.JPG
Animal cruelty or adoration? You decide.
sf knitbook creatures.JPG
Shiny, happy, knitted little dealies.
sf knitbook animals.JPG sf knitbook animals2.JPG
Wild about animals.
I got one knitting book, which I’ll show you this week when I am more awake. I leave you with a photo of Megan, whose hair is coming in nicely. Here she is on a lovely SF day, with the Bay Bridge in the background:
sf megan1.JPG

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12 Responses to Whirlwind trip

  1. steph says:

    Those little happy knitted animals are so adorable!

  2. froggy says:

    Cute little animals!

  3. MJ says:

    Those are sooooo cute! Maybe I’ll drive over to Little Tokyo in L.A. and get a couple of those magazines. Such eye candy!

  4. Elaine says:

    The faces on those bears in the third picture are upside down. Aren’t they? I hope you and Megan had a good day, it looks beautiful.

  5. Eklectika says:

    Oh man, that dog looks like it’s saying, “OMG help me…call the ASPCA…somebody…anybody…*whimper*…”

  6. greta says:

    YAY megan! The little animals are SO cute…but Sandy growled at the hoody thing when I showed it to her…nope, we won’t be knitting THAT anytime soon.
    Is there a translaton available for the animal patterns or are the schematics easy enough to interpret?

  7. Jocelyn says:

    that poor dog, just humiliated not quite cruel poor baby!

  8. carrie m says:

    oh, i sometimes wish i didn’t have to work so that i could just knit cute-yet-sorta-scary stuffed animals. (those faces do seem upside down.) not enough hours in the day.
    it was just peachy to see a photo of megan at long last!

  9. rachel says:

    i love the knitted seal. i wish I could make things like that.

  10. JStrizzy says:

    So glad you got to enjoy the beautiful weekend we had here. And hey, you were right near my office! And it’s good to see Megan’s doing pretty well — cancer-fighting vibes wafting her way…

  11. Persimmon says:

    I can’t believe it! I bought that Japanese dog knit book because no one would believe me if I described it to them! I was recently in Tokyo and yes indeed, small cute dogs do wear such things and there are entire boutiques selling that stuff. I also noticed that larger dogs in Tokyo, like labs, wear tshirts and neckerchiefs.

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