wire wrapper’s delight

I’ve been doing more beading lately, and I have to say I am not very skilled. It takes a lot more practice than one might think! Anyway, here is my first attempt at a wire wrapped bracelet:
Sorry it’s kind of an extreme closeup and therefore slightly scary. I think it’s possible to spend more time in a bead store than in a yarn store, but I’m not quite sure. Maybe we should test out that theory?

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  1. molly says:

    That is a pretty nice bracelet for someone who is not very skilled. I have to admit that I have been the feeling the lure of jewelry making recently, but I am trying to fight the urge and just dabble in sewing for now.

  2. Brenda says:

    Funny to see you talk about beading. I’ve been thinking about it for a while, and just bought a great basic book at a garage sale on the weekend. I’ll be interested to see what beaded creations appear at Super Eggplant!

  3. Lula says:

    Great bracelet, Bat Girl! Yes, I agree beads are as or more addictive than yarn. Dava is a great bead store in Portland — down in Hillsdale near Salvador Molly’s.

  4. Valerie says:

    beautiful bracelet!
    totally off topic – i went to artfibers in san francisco this weekend based on your post/recommendation, and i loved it! i spent about 3 hours in there, knitting some test swatches and trying to decide on only one (okay maybe 2 or 3) project. beautiful yarn!!! thank you for sharing a wonderful yarn store!!!

  5. melanie says:

    Well aren’t you the all around crafty lady! Great bracelet! You’re very inspiring!

  6. Em says:

    I think the bracelet looks great! I’ve been finding myself more and more attracted to beading…it worries me.
    (love the Kool-Aid bag, too. You know what would also be fun? A Lik-M-Aid bag!)

  7. Miriam says:

    I love the bracelet! What kind of wire/beads did you use?

  8. Denise says:

    One of the good things about beads is that the bead stash takes up much less room than the yarn or fabric stash.

  9. knittykim says:

    If the bead store and the yarn store are the same size/volume, it IS possible to spend more time in the bead store. Per item time is more as they can fit more beads/accessories/tools per square foot causing our poor brains to overload!!

  10. MJ says:

    I like it! Pink and green are always a good combo. I hear beading is only slightly less addictive than knitting… And I’m sure pretty soon you’ll have a bead stash! Mwah hah hah hah hah!!!!

  11. Silvia says:

    Ooh, cute bracelet! It reminds of me hard candies somehow, heh.
    Maybe you could combine hobbies and make some of those exquisite beaded handbags from the Japanese magazines. They make those gorgeous bags then embellish with beads and fringy bits. Mindblowing!

  12. Kim says:

    You’re right, it is totally addicting. I did a lot of it in highschool. I’m sorry to say my taste then was pretty bad, but I still have some cool supplies – I’ll have to pull them out someday. And while it takes up much less room, it’s very easy to have disasters, and those are much harder to clean. I used to use a beading loom and seedbeads . . . ugh, the times I had to just vacuum it all up, heartbreaking.

  13. Bruce says:

    Sorry, ladies, nothing beats the hardware store!!

  14. Kristi says:

    Wonderful bracelet! That wire wrapping does take a lot of practice and I’m afraid it’s been too long since I last practiced it… I *love* your color choice.

  15. Gina says:

    Here’s a hint of heaven: My bead store owner is thinking about carrying some yarn — habu, etc. She’s also an avid knitter. She might have to take out a restraining order against me…

  16. Rossana says:

    Very beautiful first bracelet!

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