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I’ve been sewing a bit on my new machine, but I haven’t done anything beyond a straight stitch! This weekend I made this little reversible tote. Here are the two sides:
spyro bag.JPG spyro bag reversed.JPG
I watched that new Hawaii show last night just to see what my brother had been complaining about (he saw it early this summer as part of some special preview or something). It was pretty bad. They tried to incorporate all this “Japanese lore” into the storyline, and I’m not sure if any of it was true. Also, the people who were supposedly Japanese? They didn’t look remotely Japanese to me! The only person who did was the captain guy. Anyway, that show is supposed to be on at the same time as Lost, which has a weird-souding premise that reminds me of that creepy island in Life of Pi.

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  1. Mary says:

    I love the fabric – where did you find it? The tote bag is wonderful! I’m trying something new – mixing crochet and recycling. I started crocheting a bag using plastic grocery bags. It sounds weird, but they come out very sturdy and they feel soft.

  2. Jessica says:

    I saw Hawaii last week. Ick. It’s like the script was generated by a computer program–or monkeys with typewriters. They weren’t even trying.
    Adorable bag. 🙂

  3. pt*:) says:

    Thank you for that very introspective insight about the show Hawaii, although I don’t think it was that particular episode I watched. It bothers me that people will get wrong ideas, unknowingly makes it all the worse, about Hawai’i and a whole other bunch of stuff that sorta had me choping at the bit…I didn’t see the episode with the Japanese lore, but I did see the one with the Hawaiian lore…sharks tooth club used to behead people, blahblahblah…(Those shark tooth clubs do exist, though*!)
    I’m going to give the show a chance to improve upon a good idea and hope people watch it with a grain of salt*;)

  4. Adrian says:

    Oh, that Hawaii show is hilarious! I saw an episode last week and a supposedly Native Hawaiian man was played by the Native American actor from Renegade.

  5. Collette says:

    LOVE the atomic fabric. That would be a really cute skirt. You make the cutest skirts, she says with envy. I’m making some roman shades for a friend now, but anything fitted…yikes. However, that fabric might entice me.

  6. stella says:

    oooh! psychedelic eiffel towers! So groovy!

  7. Bruce says:

    Poor impersonations remind me of the time I was in then Communist Bulgaria and was going through a guard station. Carlos Barrocal (from Puerto Rico)and Duncan Goodhew (Great Britian) accidently got their ID’s mixed up. The unsympathetic guards immediately threw poor Duncan (who was first to go through the station)to the ground and held him at gunpoint (AK-47’s). Duncan never admitted it, but I think he needed to do some laundry afterwards. After about a half hour, it was settled, and we were able to pass.

  8. Jennifer says:

    I’m going sewing machine shopping this weekend. Any suggestions on what type of machine I should buy? I’d appreciate any ideas you might have.

  9. froggy says:

    Love that bag!!!! Both sides!

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