there are no coincidences

Hey all you pop, soda, coke, kako, tonic drinkers! Mary brought up jimmies, and I adore jimmies, so I thought I should talk about how wonderful they are.


For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, jimmies are chocolate sprinkles (some would say they are sprinkles in general, but I tend to think of them only as chocolate sprinkles. The multicolored sprinkles? Those are colored sprinkles in my book). I believe it’s an east coast term, but I learned it in Portland, OR, thanks to Roberto’s Ice Cream (lovingly referred to as “Bob’s”), which offered jimmies for an extra 15 cents. My love affair with jimmies continued through college, where I would get them on my frozen yogurt from Yogurt Park in Berkeley (upon learning that I ordered jimmies on my froyo, my friend Bethany said, “I always wondered who would ever order those”).
But anyway, I digress as usual. A fascinating fact about jimmies is that they were invented by Sam Born, the founder of Just Born, the company that makes, wait for it, MARSHMALLOW PEEPS. Can you believe it? Just Born must be the world’s most perfect company! You can read more about the history of Just Born here.
*That box of Dutch jimmies was purchased at the Fabric Depot in Portland. Don’t you love weird stuff like that?

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  1. Dawnya says:

    You must try the wonderful goodies at
    I have seen this product listed before

  2. J Strizzy says:

    Mmm, Yogurt Park with jimmies… Yogurt Park is quite possibly my favorite source of frozen desserts, and I always order mine with chocolate jimmies (except I think I usually call them sprinkles). I love that YP puts some jimmies in the middle of the yogurt, and then more on top, so you don’t finish all the jimmies right at the beginning.

  3. lauren says:

    Oh, the magic Fabric Depot! I have not been there but I hear about it all the time. I suppose I shall have to find it.

  4. Yunape says:

    i hear that they eat jimmies on top of bread and butter in the netherlands. it’s called dutch nutella.

  5. claudia says:

    Mmmmm jimmies.
    Love the Artfibers yarn. Maybe I can get Silvia to take me next month when I’m in SF.

  6. maryse says:

    i didn’t know what jimmies were until i moved to new england. and they’re always chocolate. the colored sprinkles are called simply, sprinkles.

  7. Barbara says:

    So how did you like the Valomilk? Could it possibly live up to the expectation?

  8. Amy says:

    My guy loves to have jimmies on top of bread spread with peanut butter. It is so yummy!

  9. jackie says:

    We just call ’em sprinkles in NY – chocolate, or multicolored. I don’t think I’ve ever heard them called jimmies here, though I did know the term from elsewhere.

  10. Jessica says:

    I think the word jimmies originated in MA. I used to work on Nantucket at a pizza/sandwich place. I could tell where someone was from by what they called a sandwich–hoagie, hero, sub, grinder.

  11. Courtney says:

    I always have called the chocolate ones Chocolate Sprinkles, and the colored ones Rainbow Sprinkles.
    Also of note, when I was 4 my father told me they were chocolate covered ants, and I wouldn’t eat them for 3 years (I still get the willies when I think about it!)

  12. thuy says:

    i call them chocolate or rainbow sprinkles. funnny, but my friend in college (from berkeley-hmmm) used to always get rainbow sprinkles on her ice cream. coincidentally she is the only person i know of who likes peeps. i did a short film starring peeps in college and no one would take them after i was done with them. but lo and behold my roommate was a peep fanatic. live and learn.

  13. Bruce says:

    Thanks for all the suggestions of where these sprinkles can be used. On bread, WILD. With peanut butter: hey, I love Reece’s, so I now have to try it. I was so functionally limited to just putting them on ice cream, or maybe, on a cookie . . .I now realize that the options are limitless.

  14. Silvia says:

    Hey, I got the jimmies at Yogurt Park too! They are perfect with the vanilla fro yo. Dutch jimmies on bread huh? Well, Nutella works just fine there so why not expand my horizons.

  15. Sylvia says:

    Funny thing is that the Dutch consider toast with butter and chocolate jimmies a legitimate breakfast! (kind of like Nutella for the Germans)

  16. Andrea says:

    mmmm peeps. I just bought some ghost peeps for halloween the other day. Not that they’ll last until halloween you understand. I’m going to eat them before September is over. 🙂

  17. mindy says:

    I’m addicted to the Norwegian Ginger Snaps they sell near the cash registers at my Ikea.
    I always thought ‘jimmies’ were those teeny tiny crunchy rainbow candy spheres. So what’re those called, I wonder?

  18. Meg says:

    You mean to tell me Nutella on bread *isn’t* a legit. breakfast?? Toasted bananna nut honey bread so the Nutella gets all melty & super-delicious? Hmph.
    Did you see the “Unwrapped” program where they visited the factory where they make Peeps & jimmies/sprinkles? Love that stuff!

  19. izan says:

    jimmies or sprinkles are strossel in swedish (with two dots over the o, pronounced like stroessel)!! i’ve never had them on toast, it seems like a rather odd combination!!
    when i heard someone in a film say jimmie about a guy’s p**** i had odd thoughts about jimmies/sprinkles and why they might be called that. ok i just had to mention that, sorry, *runs away and hides* heh!
    >>> mindy, hrmmmpf, ikea = swedish! ginger snaps/bread = swedish! 😉 hehe, just a picky swede note there!

  20. MJ says:

    Yum, sprinkles! I love that stuff, I put either that or Nutella on waffles. And Alpine Village is a 20 minute drive away, woohoo! (German boyfriend thinks my chocolate/candy habit is abnormal. I will refer him to your blog from now on. Hee hee!)

  21. froggy says:

    i don’t have any jimmies handy, but i’m running to the cupboard for toast and nutella right now!

  22. Annie says:

    Enjoyed your reference to the Just Born company. One of our consultants does some work with them and came back with some stories about Peeps. Did you know that the Peeps you see in stores around Easter time are usually six to nine months old before they even get into the store? That the shelf-life of Peeps is anywhere from 3-5 years, depending on storage conditions? Pretty cool stuff!
    –Annie (who likes to toast her Peeps over a fire)

  23. Stephanie says:

    My husband just doesn’t understand my thing with Jimmies on bread. I picked up the habit while visiting family in Holland.
    Regarding Peeps: a friend turned me on to a lil treat called (no laughing now…) “Peeps on Poop” Sounds dreadful, doesn’t it? just how do you make Peeps on Poop? Take some choc chips, place them on a microwave safe plate, plop on a Peep and nuke for about oh…15-30 seconds…Be careful…those Peeps get hot! To eat, mop up the chocolate with the Peep…You could probably do this on a graham cracker if you don’t want to deal with a messy plate. *sigh* I was holding that one for my blog next Easter. Oh well 😀 Enjoy!

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