the legendary pink cookie

Okay, the blog police busted me for being flaky on posts, so here ya go.
Once upon a time, in a very unlikely place (Spokane, WA), I discovered the most delectable cookie ev-uh. It was big, melt-in-your-mouth buttery, dense, and best of all? It was generously smeared with pink frosting. My friends Jonathan and Taya (henceforth known as the Slabs) and I used to scour the coffee shops of Spokane in search of these elusive pink cookies. We finally figured out the source: The Rocket Bakery.
This all transpired more than a decade ago, but the memories of those pink cookies lived on. I wrote to Bon Appetit magazine, hoping they might be able to coerce the recipe out of the Rocket Bakery; I wrote directly to the Rocket Bakery, pleading with them to share the recipe; I CALLED the bakery. I got NOTHING. So then last weekend my friend John traveled to Spokane. I told him he should try the pink cookie. Being the mentally unstable wonderfully generous friend that he is, he bought a stack of the cookies and overnighted them to me.

pink cookie.JPG

I was worried that the cookie would not live up to my memories, but that concern was dispelled after the first bite. It tasted exactly as I remembered. Now if I could only get the dang recipe!

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  1. Taya says:

    It looks so beautiful! The Jane Ray looks pretty good too. The combination of the jadeite and pink is most pleasing.

  2. john says:

    And you think *I’m* a gay man?

  3. megan says:

    You’d better send me one of those cookies you crazy biotch!!!

  4. Robin says:

    Unless there’s more than one famous pink cookie legend floating around Seattle, I think the original pink cookie was started by Danny Brown. He’s the brother of some friends of my family and I first had one of his pink cookies at his loft in Seattle when I was in my teens. His story is here:

  5. duff. says:

    so it’s thicker than a sugar cookie. what does it taste like? like a fat sugar cookie? or like some other kind of cookie? liek those thousands of cookies whose dough all starts out the exact same as choc chip cookie dough? i need more information. is there a layer of pink in the middle also? or is there just a schmear on the side? damn. oh to be in cali eating a pink cookie right now.

  6. Jennifer says:

    Oh, how I’ve waxed poetic about the Rocket’s cookies! I’m lucky enough to live in Spokane so I can enjoy these heavy treats anytime I want. The frosting is very sweet and the cookie tends to be on the dry side, but in a good way. Have you had the lemon poppyseed that starts with the same base?

  7. stinkerebell says:

    Oh how I remember college mornings with a big pink cookie- they were sold on campus dorms cafeterias, one of teh only cafeteria purchases I could abide!
    MMMMMM, its grand to love the Pac NW

  8. Jiru says:

    I was going to mention Uncle Seth’s Pink Cookies, but Robin already did. They are wonderful! Maybe you’d have better luck appealing to them for the recipe? I was trying to find a similar recipe for Valentine’s cookies to no avail.

  9. heather says:

    That cookie looks awesome…
    but if you want another recommendation,
    mini stroopwafels

  10. Kiki:) says:

    Oh man, Mariko. You need someone to infiltrate the bakery. Who lives in Seattle and is willing to get a job in order to share the recipe with the masses?

  11. Kiki:) says:

    Don’t mind my brain lapse. SPOKANE, not Seattle. I had Seattle on the brain at the moment.

  12. Daphne says:

    I actually think they started in Seattle as the person who linked to Mostly Muffins mentioned. And I ate far too many of them once upon a time when they were FREE to me (working in a restaurant can be a killer). I LOVE LOVE LOVE the big pink cookie but steadfastly look the other way 99% of the time. Cardamom is the big secret to their wonderfulness, imho.
    (PS I grew up in Spokane. It’s not a happy place for me, but I did love the happy face cookies and all other bakery delights from Rosauer’s Supermarket.)

  13. CindyL says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the prolific and talented Ryan of the Mossy Cottage knitting blog ( lives up that a way. She’s quite crafty and could possibly hunt down that recipe! : )

  14. Lushlife says:

    You’ve made me want a cookie I have a hope in hell of obtaining unless you track down that recipe dammit!

  15. stephanie vw says:

    darn, that looks so good. my mouth is watering!!!

  16. K. Anne says:

    What’s that show on Food Network? “The Best of”? Maybe you could write to them and persuade them to do a show about the bakery and then feature the pink icing cookie. Maybe then they’d give up the recipe. Lol.

  17. santos. says:

    that uncle seth’s site admits it’s a danish shortbread cookie, and the nutritional info gives you all the ingredients (flour, sugar, shortening, unsalted butter, a sodium aluminum phosphate-based baking powder, cardamom, salt), so maybe find a danish shortbread recipe and apply these ingredients. the key to the texture might be that baking powder, which would provide a finer crumb. i don’t think it’s available outside of commercial bakeries, but you might want to try bakewell cream as a substitute. the frosting is made from sugar, unslated butter, cream cheese, evaporated milk, red dye #40, and almond flavor. whoo. i’ll give it a go in a week or so, but if you try it, good luck!

  18. santos. says:

    oh, i forgot to add that i wouldn’t look at that nutritional info page because you really don’t want to know how many calories are in *one* cookie….

  19. meg says:

    Oh, man. Pink heavily frosted shortbread cookie. Cardamom spiced & almond flavored. Butter. I think I’m dying. . .

  20. Gladys says:

    These resemble a cookie I can buy in the grocery store they call them Lofthouse cookies.

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