A friend sent me a big bagful of hard candies by the Stained Glass Candy Company. It has a really interesting history–husband gets in an accident that permanently messes up his taste buds; wife creates uber-flavored candies so he’ll actually be able to taste the flavors; a candy company is born! How great is that? I’m kind of scared of some of the flavors, but in the interest of research, I will try them.
stained glass candy.JPG stained glas candy 2.JPG
I must also share a glimpse of this great nylon fabric some friends gave me. It had been buried for quite some time. I would love to make a whole windbreaker suit out of it!
windbreaker fab.JPG

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11 Responses to colors

  1. duff. says:

    Buried? Like, in a coffin?
    Let me know how that research works out!!! 🙂

  2. Cindy says:

    neat fabric …very surprised it is nylon

  3. Sandee says:

    The candy looks interesting…you’d think the creators would at least crack a smile in their picture! I like the fabric! Can’t wait to see your latest creation with it!

  4. VaxGirl says:

    Stained Glass CC was on a Food Channel Special a while back, maybe Christmas time?

  5. shokufeh says:

    Thanks for raising my curiousity, Sandee. That -is- one solemn looking couple.

  6. susanne says:

    that candy is intriguing…super flavored?! and in so many flavors!
    fun fabric, so retro 🙂

  7. maryse says:

    haha at least al roker’s smiling.

  8. Taya says:

    Tiffany says you must give an honest appraisal of the candies. She doesn’t want you to be polite. I am so glad you took that fabric. My grandma would be happy something was finally being made of it after 30+ years!

  9. gaile says:

    whoa, seriously somber people, and dude, who writes the copy for their website??? “Juicy sour lemon flavor in a hard candy with a wild kick of hot red pepper flavor is in this lemon hot candy!” Um, unless this is actually being translated from Ukranian, on the fly, it’s in the running for worst web writing ever. But the flavors do sound fun…

  10. brit says:

    still in awe of your amazing sewing skills. and working with difficult the bomb baby

  11. laura r. says:

    i love the imagery of the candy & fabric…

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