if this isn’t the mother lode …

I received a parcel from Marie. Feast your eyes!

package from marie.JPG

I cannot even put into words how happy Tim Tams make me. They are so delicious. It is all I can do to keep from just cramming every single one into my mouth AT ONCE. She sent some chewy fudge ones and caramel ones along with the originals. All scrumptious! And hey, the crisps and tea are great, too!
On an unrelated note, Lion Brand is discontinuing Cotton-Ease! It’s a great cotton/acrylic blend that is easy on the pocketbook and a wonderful substitute for many yarns. Get it while you can, people!

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11 Responses to if this isn’t the mother lode …

  1. amanda says:

    Oh, you lucky girl, with all those Tim Tams! I adore them too, especially dunked in a cup of coffee. Mmmm, melty goodness! Enjoy 🙂

  2. claudia says:

    I’m glad the Tim Tams are dulling the Cotton-Ease pain.

  3. carolyn says:

    YUM tim tams.
    wanna guess what song mike doughty played as his encore tonight?
    and he called it “an homage to one of the great american artists”
    THE GAMBLER. no i’m not joking.

  4. clare eats says:

    Hi Mariko!
    Have you ever tried to slam a tim tam? (where you bite an end of dunk the other end of the tim tam into a hot drink and suck really hard on the hole you made)that is THE BEST! The new chilli chocolate ones are awesome too!

  5. Jessica says:

    I ran to Hancock’s today because I heard they had Cotton-Ease on clearance. When I got there I saw it was Wool-Ease. Sigh.

  6. susanne says:

    what a glorious package!!! i don’t know whether i’d sit on those treasures like a dragon hoarding gold or gobble it up and make myself sick…probably the latter. 🙂

  7. Clementine says:

    Wow- Tim tam’s seem to be taking over the world. I had no idea they were so popular around the world, other than with expat Aussies. We regularly have them at work to sweeten otherwise dreary meetings. Dark Chocolate is my favorite variety.
    I’ve always called the “Tim Tam Slam” a “Tim Tam straw”- best if you nibble a small hole on diagonally opposite corners, IMHO.
    Also check out http://about-australia-shop.com/timtams.htm for more serving suggestions and info.

  8. deeleea says:

    I can se we have created a Tim Tam monster on the West Coast…
    Those caramel ones are my favourites…

  9. stinkerbell says:

    OH MI GOD you got the caramel tim tams… that right there is a stare down from the green eyed jealous as all get out monster!

  10. Kelli says:

    Wow these look really good. I must be one of the few people that didn’t know about these before reading your blog. What exactly are they?

  11. lucia says:

    What are they going to introduce to take the place of Cotton-Ease? That’s a nice yarn. I’m surpised it’s not doing well.

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