longer days

Well, I just finished assembling my six ebay auctions! The first one will commence Tuesday, June 21, at 2:30pm Pacific Time. I’ll post a button to the right so you can maybe jump to the auctions. I don’t really know how all this works, so I apologize for not making it simpler! I want to keep the auctions fun and gamelike, so I decided to start them all off at a buck. If I make $1.40, so be it! That’s okay! This is all for fun! Anyway, so until the auctions actually begin, you can go here to see all the bags and more details, if you’re interested. And thanks again, everyone, for your encouragement and support.
And now I leave you with a photo of Peter and Deedle climbing a big rock. It was fun to watch Deedle scramble up the side of it.

pp and dd on rock.JPG

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12 Responses to longer days

  1. tyreiko says:

    Good luck Mariko! I hope the auctions do well! The bags are so cute. =) -tracy

  2. amy says:

    ohh, i will be keeping an eye on ebay for those, i love the pink and brown one. and there is now way your stuff is going to go for $1, you will probably have bidding wars on this cute stuff! you will probably be surprised. i am an ebay junkie. 🙂 good luck!

  3. froggy says:

    wow, gorgeous work mariko! fantastic details!

  4. berry says:

    Hi Mariko, luv your bags! Am an amateur sewer and wondering how you put the zipper in for your little lined purses. (Zippers drive me nuts!)
    Good luck with your auction. It all looks fantastic!

  5. jess says:

    Look forward to bidding. I have my eye on one of the pouches, but I reckon I will get outbid! You will be surprised at how the stuff goes. Congrats for taking the plunge.

  6. kerrie says:

    I love the totes and purses, so cute. $1.40?! No way. As the others have said, you’ll be surprised…

  7. Sandee says:

    Good luck on your auctions! I’m sure you’ll get more than $1.40, the bags are ALL so darned cute!

  8. steff says:

    Good luck, Mariko! I am really impressed with your taste for colour, for detail, and technique to match the first two!!! I was just wondering… are you experimenting in view of putting up your own online shop? Anyway, good luck whatever your plans are, your fans are supporting you!

  9. debbie says:

    oooooooo…I know which one I want! I’m glad you’re putting up a button on your site. I’m still not fast enough navigating ebay. Can’t wait!!

  10. Stephanie says:

    go Eggplant! One of your pouches is already up to $3.50! The auctions are live and can be found by searching for “supereggplant” 😀 Luck, Mariko, may they sell like hotcakes!

  11. gee says:

    How exciting. Your auctions are all going to be successful. But having seen your work prior to your listing these items, I knew they would be successful

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