can you do the scan scan

I saw some cool old photographs on Hannah’s site that she got from a thrift store, and that got me thinking about some trading cards I got about 5 years ago at an antique fair. I had been planning on framing them, but alas, they have been sitting in a box in a desk drawer. The cards were a promotional “gift” from Jersey Coffee, I guess. They feature my hometown of Portland, OR, and yes, I SCANNED THEM.


On a completely different note, I am completely in love with Wendy’s new ad campaign here. It has a wacky Japanese sensibility that I cannot resist. I can, however, resist Wendy’s food (well, except for the Frosty treats).

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7 Responses to can you do the scan scan

  1. freecia says:

    Wow. that is really really cute. Doesn’t want to make me eat Wendy’s though.

  2. amiko says:

    scan a day scan a day!

  3. duff. says:

    cool drawings. my dad knows a woman who does this teeny tiny yet incredibly fucking detailed drawings like that. so cool. so beyond my non-existent-anyway drawing abilities.

  4. KarenK says:

    Cool Oregon photos! Glad you shared those. In an antique bin a couple of years ago I found an old postcard of tiny sailboats on the Columbia River – I framed it and sent it to my brother (who lives in Hood River, where we were born and raised) with the caption “Early Windsurfers”…

  5. hannah says:

    oooh, those are cool! i sense a new obession coming on for me… i like the idea of a scan a day, do it!

  6. Lisa says:

    Oh, that’s a VERY cute ad… are these on TV??? I’d be embarrassed to tell you the last time I had my TV on… weeks??? So I miss these things!

  7. myra says:

    Super cool Oregon pics and I love the Wendy’s ad. Funny they’re not showing those in Hawaii.

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