dangerous ideas

Have you all checked out zazzle yet? It’s a site that lets you “design” your own T-shirts and other goodies. It’s actually a bit friendlier to use than CafePress, because zazzle lets you manipulate images and text more easily. Anyway, I made a little supereggplant design, and though I wasn’t all that satisfied with it or the selection of shirt types, I impulsively ordered one, just because I could.

zazzle shirt.JPG

It came lickety split. You can’t really tell, but that is a lime-colored shirt. It is an oddly shaped shirt. It is skinny (baby doll style), but it is LONG. The thing is like a tube. Here’s hoping it shrinks to a reasonable length!

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15 Responses to dangerous ideas

  1. carolyn says:

    i think you’re-a gonna have to hem it.
    but cutest little design ever!
    i love it!
    hi back at ya!

  2. susanne says:

    fun shirt, i like how the eggplant looks like it has a bit of an attitude thing going on. good to know about the shirt, with my short body it wouldn’t look good at all.

  3. Allen Wong says:

    Not satisfied? I’d buy that shirt! :O

  4. Manders says:

    I want one.

  5. amineko says:

    i would like a supereggplant shirt.

  6. radish says:

    I would love one please. I’ll take it in the smallest size available. Um, I guess that would make it xtra small 🙂

  7. Gina says:

    I demand that you change your name from Super Eggplant to Super Enabler!

  8. Tanya says:

    Thanks for tip! What a neat site!

  9. h says:

    It looks like that’s an American Apparel brand t-shirt they used. They are quite long, but I think that’s to facilitate use wtih super-low-cut jeans. I own several American Apparel shirts and they don’t shrink at all in my experience.

  10. gaile says:

    super cute! and with your super sewing skillz, you can hem it, trim it up with some cute ribbon, and make it truly eggplant-original!

  11. freecia says:

    Please let me know how well you think it will hold up in the wash. Sometimes the iron on/heat transfer stuff (I don’t know if your shirt is heat transfer) doesn’t hold up so well.
    Another super-fun t-shirt place in SF http://www.bang-on.com/ Not exactly make your own design, but you do get to choose which one you want to pair with a specific shirt.

  12. tracy says:

    My husband used zazzle to create two shirts for me and they were great. I think the tshirt brand was ‘bella’? I thought they fit quite well. Held up nicely in the wash too. (inside out wash of course. 😉

  13. claudia says:

    Eggplant with attitude. Nice.

  14. Becky says:

    if you search zazzle.com for super eggplant, you get the one and only mariko shirt! I do like that eggplant.

  15. Alysia says:

    Ah – I was guessing that they were Bella shirts – I *love* bella shirts – I have about a dozen plain ones [long story – but you can get them for cheap when you order bulk]. Awesome eggplant – so cute!

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