berry tasty

I had a bag of frozen cherries/berries from Trader Joe’s, and I’ve been trying to clear out the fridge and freezer, so I decided to make a cobbler/crisp thing.

I threw in a bunch of fruit, including the frozen berry mix, some frozen cranberries, a pear, nectarine, and a couple Granny Smith apples. I used the Easy Batter Fruit Cobbler recipe, which you can find here. I also put a streusel topping on it, because I believe in crunchy, sugary toppings. I just rubbed together 12 T of cold butter, a cup of flour, and 6 T of brown sugar. I then mixed in a cup of oats and plunked it on top of the cobbler.
crisp with flo.JPG
Of course, you must have ice cream with it. It turned out okay. It would have been better if I had used a larger, shallower pan. I had so much fruit crammed into the baking dish that the cobbler stuff underneath didn’t fully bake. That didn’t stop me from eating it, though.

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12 Responses to berry tasty

  1. carolyn says:

    looks like florence enjoyed it as well!
    sounds pretty yummy to me!

  2. molly says:

    Oh yum, that sounds SO GOOD right now. I have started reading cooking magazines and been getting into some fun Japanese cooking lately, but nothing will beat homemade cobbler.

  3. Nichola says:

    It looks very yummy! I could just eat some.

  4. megan says:

    You’d better hide Flo and Jose when I come to visit….they just might end up in my purse!

  5. Felicia says:

    And is there a public pattern for Jose and Florence or is this your own design?? Too, too cute. I’m sure Deedle had WAY too much fun – glad to see that Jose survived to love again!

  6. Felicia says:

    Oh! Never mind – I just read back to a day I’d missed and learned all about Miss Flo!

  7. Christine in Los Angeles says:

    As a ‘new Mother’, you may not be aware of the dietary needs of little ‘uns. That’s far too much for little Miss Flo – even if it’s shared with the Gallant Jose – we don’t want to see any more split seams.
    Such sweet babies.

  8. yoko says:

    I believe in crunchy, sugary toppings, too. Looks yummy!

  9. Is this Mariko for Lincoln HS? I was impelled by an unseen force to google you and this is what I came up with. Love your blog in any case. I have been crocheting robot mittens and monster hats and now my baby seems ot be waking up so I’ll sign off and settle her back down.

  10. Adrienne says:

    Your cobbler looks delicious. Mlle Flo looks happy to dig into the homebaked goodness and vanilla bean ice cream! Got to love those black vanilla bean specks!
    I love how you said you believe in crunch, sugary toppings. I believe in them too. Mmmmm. I am so sad to missing autumn back home (Toronto, Canada.) I’m currently in Singapore, where the seasons don’t change. It just gets tropical heat and humidity. For excitement, there’s heavy tropical rain! Woo!

  11. Gee says:

    That cobbler would be yummy even with a soggy bottom.

  12. simran says:

    I like your site

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