eat your veggies

So the online holiday bazaar idea sounds good, right? Okay, so y’all have a year to make stuff to sell on it! I’ll try to figure out some logistics on my end.
I haven’t had time to make any more holiday totes to sell, but oh, today I had time to go out to Kinokuniya and peruse the new craft books. I was so tempted to buy oodles of books, but I tried to be good and only bought one:

It’s an amigurumi book of FRUITS AND VEGETABLES.
Check out the eggplants!
amigurumi nasubi.JPG

And how about some shiitake and watermelon?
amigurumi shiitake.JPGamigurumi suika.JPG
There is just too much good stuff in this world to make, and I am just way too slow.
The ISBN for this little goody is 4-7974-5458-X.

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10 Responses to eat your veggies

  1. molly says:

    I know what you mean. You’re not the only one! I can’t even look at craft books or supplies anymore because I already have so much in the pipeline to make and no time to make it. That book looks great!

  2. Wanda says:

    Isn’t that the truth?

  3. gleek says:

    i got that same book when i was in japan last week!! i love the daikon 🙂

  4. amy in az says:

    OMG! I love love love that book! I am so jealous of your “K-K” runs! Can’t wait to see what you make from this awsome collection 🙂 xox

  5. amineko says:

    i would like an eggplant on wheels.

  6. Mary-Heather says:

    Those are the cutest veggies, ever. Love the shiitakes!

  7. Stephanie says:

    what an awesome book!

  8. Silvia says:

    I saw that one too! If anyone can knit food it’s you.

  9. Amy says:

    Ahhh, why did I have to see this post? The shiitake are so cute.

  10. Emy says:

    Unbelieveable! What would the Japanese think of knitting next?

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