blog slowdown

I apologize for not having much blog fodder lately. I’ve been feeling cruddy, and my brain isn’t working very well, which means I have not been doing anything crafty or creative. I’m fed up with this bloblike existence, so I visited an acupunturist/naturopath. She is having me do all kinds of wacky stuff, which I am willing to try to a certain extent. I don’t know if I will blog about it, because do y’all really want to hear what a colonic was like? But anyway, I aim to get motivated soon!

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  1. Kailey says:

    Please post about it! I haven’t read a blog yet with details about acupuncture!

  2. debbie says:

    i’ve missed your posts, but can understand since you’re not feeling yourself….i hope you’ll be feeling better soon….

  3. stinkerbell says:

    we missed you.
    but you… you post about whatever you want. if you are willing to read my pratter about visas and the like, Ill gladly read about your colonic (which I would hazard to say is better than dealing with french bureaucracy 🙂

  4. radish says:

    feel better. blogstipation happens. just focus on taking care of you and creativity will return. if all else fails, you can always make more cupcakes 🙂

  5. christina says:

    Feel better soon! I enjoy reading your blog no matter what you write about.

  6. Chris says:

    Sending healing thoughts your way!

  7. Kay says:

    Seeing as how you’ve gotten us so used to cupcakes and pink cookies, it might be a shock, but for certain you’d hold our attention.
    You always tell it like it is. Brava! xox Kay

  8. Gina says:

    I’m totally down with chiropractic and colonics. I hope you feel better soon.

  9. Jenn says:

    Just balance out Colonic Talk with a cute picture of the lovely Deedle. 🙂
    I was sick for most of November and December so I feel for you. Hope you feel better soon!

  10. KT says:

    Well, I’m too new a reader to know anything about you, but I know nothing about colonics or acupuncture either, so blog on, chica.

  11. A.L. says:

    Hope you feel better soon. My yoga instructor told me I ate too much sugar, and if I ate more nuts, I’d have better balance. Both those things might be true, but cutting down on sugar was not something I wanted to experiment with 🙂

  12. freecia says:

    Ohh Some Stuff huh. Has the nutty poker suggested that you cut down on processed sugar? Don’t you dislike how the yummy stuff is all bad for you?
    Yeah, get a colonic before reducing sugar intake! 🙂 Maybe more blue-green algae, juice, or oatmeal would help.

  13. Wanda says:

    I could live without colonic talk, but I know what they are and how it’s administered, but it doesn’t really matter. I hope you are feeling better soon.

  14. Stephanie says:

    oh no–I hope she’s not making you give up sugar! 😉

  15. caro says:

    Wow – you are doing the exact same thing I did – stick with it. I have terrible sinus problems, and they drastically improved after a month of no wheat/sugar/dairy. Of course its really hard to stick with – but its made a huge difference in my life.

  16. Norma says:

    Heh. Oh, yeah. I know sinus issues. Oh, yes, I do. And oh, yes. I hate to say it, but once you get over the wheat addiction (which takes about two months and feels like sheer HELL while you’re going through it), well, after a while you really do stop thinking much about it (except at the holidays, when it’s EVERYWHERE, and when we pay for it for the ensuing month or so, which I am now DOING) and life seems normal and doable and when you have one bagel or one cupcake and you feel like CRUD the next day, you really see that it is not worth it. (me=going on three years, mostly wheat-free, except when I cheat and then pay for it. SO.NOT.WORTH.IT)
    I hope you feel better soonest! BTW, just curious: What’s your blood type?
    In case your comments don’t give you my email, it’s norma.knitsATgmailDOTcom

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