the mutual bad influence society

Would you care to join the Mutual Bad Influence Society? Membership is open to all persuasions, as long as you are a bad influence. The other day I was telling a friend she was a bad influence because she reignited my interest in a new digital camera. She replied, hey, who’s the bad influence here, because I had suggested very subtly to her that she should look into Blundstones if she needed new winter boots and oh, aren’t the new Isaac Mizrahi shoes at Target cute?
We are celebrating Peter’s birthday again tomorrow with his family. In his honor I made his favorite dessert–cream cheese pie:
Yes, it’s pretty yummy with a graham cracker crust and a sour cream topping.
Hail to Kerstin, the knitting blogger fairy! Just when you think nobody is going to comment, Kerstin comes to the rescue with a funny & witty comment.

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5 Responses to the mutual bad influence society

  1. Taya says:

    You are a BAD influence – I can’t wait for you to get to Portland!

  2. Kathleen says:

    ha! Bad influence my foot! I just took a look at the Blundstones sight and I think you’re a god-send! I’m sitting here surfing the catalogue with 2 co-workers – umm…. we’re on break 😉
    Of course, my better-half may think you’re a bad influence, but what does he know?

  3. Hedi says:

    Yes, you are a very bad influence!! I always end up spending more than usual whenever I am with you! Hail Ms. Super Bad Influence!!

  4. I’ve never been accused of being a bad influence. Never. I’m glad you have ‘fessed up to the worst of your crimes. Or is there more? 😉 I’m just gonna dive right into that cheese cream pie. Ok, I’ll be polite. Just a nibble or two at the edges. Wouldn’t want to spread any cooties. Uh, what rhymes with cooties? Booties! Off to Tarjay I go! (We have French Target stores around here. So urbane we are. teehee)

  5. claudia says:

    I am a very bad influence. Many people tell me so. Can I join now, or must I provide solid proof of bad-influence-ness?

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