I’m feeling dizzy

NOT because of all the sugar from the Halloween candy (oh, speaking of Halloween candy, today the Hedster brought me some Halloween marshmallow Peeps [I’m a member of the fan club, you know], and she gave Peter an entire carton of Rolos for his birthday!!!!) but because I’ve spent the ENTIRE DAY playing technician on my desktop. I tried to install a new hard drive, which means I called my insane brother about a million times. We finally got it to recognize the new hard drive and everything, and I turned off the computer to reboot to install Windows XP, and, uh, no power. Nada. Zip. I called insane brother, and he said, “Computers are like MAGIC, you know? Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, it’s all a MYSTERY.” I guess that millionth call pushed him over the edge. Heh. I took the computer to a repair shop that is owned by my Italian teacher (I took conversational Italian last year. Buon giorno), and he said my power supply failed! I dragged the thing back home and called Dell, who made me unplug everything and take out all the expansion cards (impressed by my techy terminology?), then he decided my power supply was dead, so now somebody is going to come to my house and fix it! Good thing, too, because I don’t remember where all the cards and cables go anymore.
SO, now I am working on my laptop, and I’m not used to it, so it’s freaking me out. I guess I shouldn’t have tried Eudora for the first time in this state of freakdom, but I did. Oy vey.
To frog or not to frog? That was the question last night when I was 20 rows into the neckline on the Becky Wannabe sweater. I messed up the beginning of it, and I didn’t think it would make a difference, but it did. There was a slight bit of unsightly puckering. So I frogged. And now, I am going to get AWAY from these darn compyooturz and knit!

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4 Responses to I’m feeling dizzy

  1. Becky says:

    I’m impressed with your hardware terminology. I’m a blockhead when it comes to hardware; words like “motherboard” and “expansion cards” make me dizzy. If the computer does something wonky, I simply call up the hubby and describe what’s going on using phrases like “it’s making a growling sound”, or “the little on my cd driver keeps blinking but there’s no cd in it”. You get the idea. Hehe.

  2. Melissa says:

    the frogging sounds a bit too familiar! but if i didn’t frog something i would always know that flaw or mistake was there and that would bother me more.

  3. Kerstin says:

    I believe the correct spelling is “computurds.” 😉

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