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It seems the beauty questions get a lot of you to share your opinions and experiences, which is great and immensely helpful (I still haven’t made it out to Sephora to check out Bare Essentuals, but I will), so here’s another question for you: what are your favorite lip glosses?
Recently I have tried several: Nars, Revlon, and Mark (Avon’s brand that targets teens or some other demographic to which I do not belong). The Nars has more staying power and more pigment than the others. The Revlon is kind of lame, really. It doesn’t have much color, and for these washed out, wrinkled lips, color is a necessity.
Do share your thoughts, please!

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  1. carolyn says:

    dude you’re going to collate all the responses to your many questions, gather them into some kind of pamphlet and then sell them online right. “Tips from SuperEggplant’s Readers” ? SuperEgg’s Posse Tells All” 🙂
    i say – when was the last time you bought some bonnie bell? “orange pop” still a superstar in my book!
    but honestly – no lipglosses seem to help my lips out nearly as much as my MAC lipstick. with lipgloss i am constantly reapplying all day as it wears out and i’m like yo my lips hurt. but when i wear my MAC lipstick my lips feel great all day and sure i reapply a couple times but not nearly as many. that is my answer. i’ll look for it to be highlighted when the book comes out!!!

  2. sarah e. says:

    MAC! Lipglass! Yes!
    Also – Burt’s Bees “lip shimmers”…not too too glossy or sticky, very nice 🙂

  3. rascoagogo says:

    I asked my roomate, Our Lady of Lipgloss, and of course, myself. She is a big fan of the Bonne Bell, but of a discontinued color and warns that they can taste/smell funny. We agree on the all-time favorite: Chanel. It lasts and it’s gorgeous. They use dual pigments that reflect different colors like pink and gold chameleon silk.
    The second place goes to MAC, and a close third is Smashbox. Do you like the lip plumper stuff? Lip Venom works well but it’s expensive. Sally Henson just came out with one that’s 1/3 of the price and works about the same for me.
    Oh, and I just got new mascara today. MaxFactor MAX with this weird new spiny yellow brush that works AMAZING. You can feel the brush grabbing the little lashes. Love this. You know, in case mascara was up next…

  4. Jeanette says:

    I can’t go without MAC’s Lipglass! I love them…

  5. EK says:

    Victoria’s Secret brand, surprisingly, lasts a while. Lorac has good moisture, but doesn’t last long.

  6. Theresa says:

    I’ve had good luck with Prescriptives gloss. I wear it over a creamy lip-tint and it feels very moisturizing. The one I have is a bit sparkly, but I don’t think they all are. Stays on for a good long time, too, as long as you don’t try to drink wine right after putting it on.

  7. Roartotoro says:

    Besides drinking lots of water throughout the day, the best lip gloss.balm is, hands down, CO Bigelow (found at Bath and Body Works)! Affordable and it lasts for hours. It also moisturizes instead of coats, so it feels nice…the ultimate test was this past week while I battled a cold. I would fall asleep a mouth breather and when I awoke, lo and behold- my lips were still moisturized! They come tinted and clear and woo woo- they taste like candy canes (it has peppermint oil) and make your lips tingle with minty freshness! …it’s so hard to not just eat the whole tube…

  8. Kristin says:

    Another shout out for the C.O. Bigelow lippy. It’s way minty, cheap, and comes in agreeable colors.

  9. *karen says:

    For once I am in the majority. I say C.O. Bigelow. Not the mint though. The almond with shea butter. Subtle and soothing. Or Nuetrogena has some nice fruity ones that come in tubes. I don’t like the finger-dipping pots.

  10. Susan says:

    long time no see, i find lip gloss a truly intriguing subject… recently i found i really like the look of clinique glosswear for lips in juicy apple, it’s just barely pink but in a clear seethrough red kind of way, not an opaque pink, and i really love the color but to be honest, it smells a little odd and i’m not always up for it. i also like shinylicious, i think it’s from maybelline, i don’t know but it’s kind of silly and cheap and smells like fruit, but the color is cute and i don’t feel sad it’s worn off because it was so cheap! my all time favorite is this random chinese brand i got on a plane once but i can’t find it in real life… even googled it with no good results..

  11. anon says:

    I went to the BRAND NEW Ulta store in my ‘hood a few weeks ago because I, too, was itching to try Bare Escentuals. SAD SAD DAY. It actually made my color SO even that it made certain wrinkles jump out and scream to be noticed — especially those on my forehead that I never knew I had! I was in such a huge funk after that. The powder made my face look two-dimensional and overly matte; I guess I’m not used to looking that way?
    I’m now happily back to my previous routine of blending foundation with moisturizer (hurrah for Aveeno!) and then setting it lightly with powder.
    As far as lip color, Ulta’s house brand was buy one, get one. I found a great 4-pack of Physician’s Formula in mauves and raisin tones and then happily matched the colors from that on the cheap. The color was great — I’ve gotten TONS of compliments — but the only drawback was that Ulta’s brand smells/tastes a bit on the waxy-side. Amazing how a bit ‘o color can boost the ego!

  12. stephanie says:

    I donated some bags for a charity event in NYC last spring. the even was hosted by Seventeen Mag and the goodie bags we received were amazing! I got the BEST lip gloss ever! It is made by TIGI Bed Head. I know this brand from their hair care products…i use bed head every day! But this lip gloss was GREAT! It was called Cappachino (totally mutilated that spelling!) You have to turn the bottom, it makes a clicking sound, and the little sponge applicator fills with yummy, glossy, goo! It stays on forver!! it’s great!
    I have no idea where to buy it…i will be checking around though!

  13. Megann says:

    I am currently using MAC Lipglass and I love it. I can be a little bit sticky but the colors are awesome and its really glossy and fun. And it feels good on your lips. I sometimes use Bobbie Brown lip gloss but its on the expensive side. I got a holiday 3-pack which made it a little more affordable, but not by much. Try the MAC stuff. Its cheap enough that you won’t be disappointed if you hate it.

  14. J Strizzy says:

    Once again, I pipe up to root for the cheap(er) stuff. I really like Almay Whipped Gloss and Neutrogena tinted lip balm; both are kinda sheer so I don’t feel like a clown but still enough color to feel pretty. And they’re not too sticky — I hate sticky. The neutrogena especially feels really nice and soft and smooth.
    Also Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmers.

  15. radish says:

    actually, i will disagree, i’m a huge fan of Revlon lip glosses. I’ve tried pretty much every lip gloass on the market because i’m a self-professed lip gloss junkie. And I will disagree on the Chanel verdict – because I hate the waxy, sticky feel of it on my lips. I find that if you line your lips prior to putting on Revlon gloss, then it looks good. I’m huge on texture and for me, Revlon does it best. Nars Lip Laqueur is also too sticky, though has amazing colors and staying power. Not a fan of LipGlass due to the texture feel.

  16. Jenny says:

    I’d go with Maybeline Shinylicious all the way. It’s $4 at Target, it has a nice subtle color & scent, it’s not sticky, and it doesn’t make my lips chapped. A lot of glosses I’ve tried from Sephora look great while they’re on, but leave me chapped after.

  17. Kim says:

    Lancome Juicy Tubes and Rimmel Lip Vinyl.
    I am anxious to hear what you think of Bare Essentials. I heard lots of good things about them and thought they sounded perfect, but after my trip to Sephora, I decided they looked to cakey. I’ve stuck with Loreal True Match Super-Blendable Makeup. I think it looks less like makeup than anything else I have tried (including tinted moisturerizers). You just use a tiny bit on a well moisturized face and I bet if you mixed it with moisturizer, it would be even better. The loreal display has a cool clear plastic card that you hold up to your inner arm and then you choose the color that disappears.

  18. ilikeredbean says:

    MAC Lip Glass Viva Glam V is the best color –i’m also asian so maybe we have similiar coloring — this color rules not too outrageous for work but could work in the evening also.
    i also like bobbie brown glosses. her stuff is expensive but high-quality (and will last a year or more tops!).

  19. Lelah says:

    I use Bare Essenctuals and I realllllly love it. But then again I have really acne prone skin-it does an amazing job of covering up blemishes if you use a lot of powder on the littlest brush they give you. It seems really healthy though, even using a lot of powder to cover zits (and by cover I mean completely disappear). I don’t get greasy like I used to and the pureness of it made my skin a little better (which is saying something, because I’ve tried everything, including Accutane, *twice*). Use the blush stuff correctly and you can contour your face so that you don’t look like a Geisha (cheeks, a little on the temples, and a bit on the chin–but blend well).

  20. Sasha says:

    Ok, I give. I can’t watch you struggle for reviews anymore. Check out I’ve been a member for a little over 4 years. The past 2 I’ve been mostly inactive excepting the occasional e-mails I get in response to product reviews I’ve written. You will find tons of reviews, chat boards, a diary for the seriously addicted, and even swap boards for samples, gently used, and new items.
    I will say that I love Chanel’s glosses but they’re very thick, I have gone through two tubes of Shishiedo’s Rose Lustre gloss because it’s an amazing color, if a bit on the thin/fast fading side. MAC glosses rock my socks because they’re extremely versatile and can be used with other products and they also come in so many fantastic colors. They’re thick and a bit on the gloopy side, but they’re super long lasting. I have quite a few of them because they’re worth the price. I also think that MAC’s tinted lip balm is really really great. Last but most certainly not least is my all time favorite gloss. Are you ready? It’s Bonnie Bell’s Lip D’Votion in Fresh Melon. I keep at least 4 tubes of the stuff on hand at all times. Of all the glosses I’ve used, that’s the only one that flatters all skin tones and can turn any lipstick into a flattering shade. I use it to mix custom colors all the time. It’s a bit on the thin side but it’s so inexpensive that re-applying and going through a tube doesn’t feel like pouring money down the drain. So really, go for the Bonnie Bell. If you want color, grab any blush colored lippie you have around and mix it on in. Sonia Kashuk’s line at Target is also pretty good. The sheer lipstick/glosses are very nice. They have a nice smooth texture and don’t make you look like you’re wearing wax lips.

  21. indigirl says:

    Mac LipGlass, hands-down. It stays, it shines, it comes in the perfect color for me – Viva Glam. (Not too pale, not too dark, just like my natural lips but sparkly.)

  22. Gina says:

    I’m with Sasha — I’m a member of Makeupalley as well. Personally, I love Shiseido and Origins glosses. Origins has a nice tingly mint feel and taste, if you like that. The downside of wand glosses? I always feel like there’s tons more left but can’t reach it with the wand after a certain point.

  23. maryse says:

    i like lipgloss, but gloss that lasts i think is an oxymoron.
    i love bonne bell lip balms. what worked for me when i was 12 still works (dr. pepper has a pretty tint, so does grape, and rootbeer).
    i also like stila lip glaze. it’s a little more opaque than standard gloss and comes in great colors. it’s also got a nifty little pen brush applicator so you don’t get too much goop on the brush.

  24. E says:

    revlon skinlights glosslights for lips in amethyst (i use this the most because it provides slight color and shine and is not that noticeable if i eat it off)
    mac lipglass in magic spell (looks good, but kinda thick and sticky)
    boots botanics love your lips gloss (very light, feels good and the brownish color one that i have smells like grapefruit!)

  25. Nicole says:

    Since I rarely wear lipstick, I actually prefer the ones with less pigment. Currently I have two, one from Clinique and one from The Body Shop.

  26. freecia says:

    I like Burt’s Bees, too. The minty “pow!” they have is great (but their new honey chapstick is only ok). Philosophy also has a lip stain I use which comes with a gloss I don’t use. The stain is like Stila’s lip tint marker.
    Just got an e-mail saying that some lipsticks have a fairly high lead content- especially those with more staying power. I can forward it on if you’re interested.

  27. Jenny says:

    Bonne Belle Lipsmackers! I must have some with me at all times. I get kidded for even putting it on before bed……I am so addicted…….

  28. megan says:

    who cares about lip gloss?! MY TITTIES LOOK GREAT!!!!! Thanks for all the good wishes, eggplanters:)

  29. Laura says:

    I haven’t seen my lip balm mentioned, so I’ll put in a plug for it – Alba TerraTints by Avalon Natural Products. It’s a lip balm with tint (I use “Blaze”) and it’s peppermint flavored. It’s the only thing I’ve used on my lips (and I use it all day, everyday) for the last six years. I buy it by the case (30 lipbalms to a box) from my organic food co-op. It’s great!!

  30. Heather says:

    Tarte lipglosses are great and I love Lancome Juicy Tubes–they’re tasty!

  31. cheryl says:

    the minty stuff is awesome, but most mint extracts are actually irritating for the lips! so is camphor! i cried when i read that, because one of my favorite lip glosses is Urban Decay’s XXX shine. it’s shiny and (supposedly) good for your pucker, too, and the colors are great!
    lately i’ve been using a lot of Aveda, which as far as i can tell is good for you and doesn’t contain anything bad. the lip shine in Thyme Bud is lovely.

  32. Jaime says:

    I like Burt’s Bees the most, both the lip shimmers and plain balm. I also think Clinique’s chubby stick and long lasting gloss are great!

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