fabulous fabs

So Carolyn and I did no knitting whatsoever during our trip to Australia. This does not mean, however, that the trip was completely craftless. We went to a fabric store in Sydney and peered into windows of ribbon and button shops (they were all closed, or shut, if you are Australian). We also went to a cute fabric shop in Darwin, and when we reached Melbourne we happened upon a really great fabric store: Patchwork on Central Park. They were very nice in there, and the owner even let me snap a photo of her:

MELBOURNE 1 Patchwork on Central Park.JPG

The shop had, pant pant, Japanese imports. I restrained myself (I’m not telling about Carolyn) and just got a few small pieces:
patchwork fab mushrooms.JPGpatchwork fab.JPG
Can you see the mushrooms on the pink and green fabric? I had to get the crocodile one, of course, since Australia is known for all their crocs. Now, what to make?

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8 Responses to fabulous fabs

  1. freecia says:

    What a totally cute shop! So very awesome.

  2. alice says:

    Awesome fabrics–I dig the elephants, too. 🙂

  3. carolyn says:

    i was more restrained than i wanted to be…

  4. shanwen says:

    hello mariko, i am a new knitting blogger and i truly enjoy reading your blog..
    By the way, i am from melbourne and i live near east malvern too.
    I agree that the patchwork work shop is totally awesome

  5. Daphne says:

    Dude. I might have to leave work now, drive down to PDX and wrest that pink and green fabric from your hands.

  6. OMG i’m in love with the pink one. i HAVE to find someone in melbourne interested in swapping some of these fabrics!
    btw, your blog is my favorite craft blog – it inspired me to learning how to knit and to make my own blog 🙂

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