the land of pink cookies

I went to Spokane, Washington, for the weekend with my mother. My cousin’s daughter (i.e., my mother’s brother’s granddaughter) is spending a semester abroad (she is Japanese), and this somehow landed her in Spokane. We actually have ties to Spokane–my father’s cousin lives there. Anyway, I discovered the wonders of cruise control, the weather was great, and it was nice to see the family. Here’s my mother and the cousin’s daughter at breakfast:

spokane yuika and ma.JPG

And of course no trip to Spokane would be complete without some of the Rocket Bakery’s pink cookies!
pink cookies galore.JPG

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15 Responses to the land of pink cookies

  1. She uses the cookies as bribes! And she hoards them!

  2. pippi says:

    ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! cookies!!!!!

  3. molly says:

    Hoarding? Bribes? I hope this isn’t true.

  4. hehe says:


  5. betty says:

    Mariko, do you know about Pantera Rosa (Pink Panther)?
    This is a spanish pink snack, maybe you would like it… I can send you some if you’re interested! Just get in contact with me.

  6. carolyn says:

    the frosting on those looks amazing.

  7. Kristin says:

    Your mother is lovely, and brothers should buy their own d*** cookies.

  8. Peggy says:

    On the face of it, your post wasn’t so funny, but it made me laugh! To me, it read something like this: “blah, blah, blah, family, cousin, blah, blah, Spokane, blah, blah…. COOOOOKIIIEEEEEEE”
    Is this me? Or have I become too well aquainted with super eggplant?

  9. Ani says:

    Glad you had a fun trip:)

  10. Lea says:

    …I see a theme developing in your last few posts LOL
    Enjoy the cookies!

  11. Cheleed says:

    OMG! You had to have passed right through where I live (Richland/Pasco/Kennewick). Next time you come through and you have time we should have coffee or something.

  12. Steph says:

    I love the peace sign in the first picture. Brings me back to middle school 🙂
    And those cookies look amazing every time you post about them!

  13. Silvia says:

    I suspect every girl in your family is adorable! EVERY single one. The men appear to be “eccentric”, but the gals–gorgeous. Hoarde away!

  14. Your mom is so cute! And your cousin too. Sounds like a fun weekend. We enjoyed more of the chocolate you sent (the candy bar) — yummy!

  15. Laurie says:

    I ran across your blog today and I live in Spokane. Every year we host Japanese students for a couple of weeks in the summer and they all do the peace sign in every picture. I still am not sure why. It just is. We’ve had students seven years now.

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