fabby vintage fabs

So the other day when my mother and I were digging around for her button box, we came across some old fabric she had stuffed into a drawer. It’s pretty vintage, from the 1960s and 1970s! My mother did a lot of sewing back then. It’s pretty cool looking at her handmade patterns and all.
A smattering of fabric scraps:

mom fabric 1.JPGmom fabric 2.JPG
mom fabric 3.JPGmom fabrics 5.JPG

I also found this cool pattern that looks rather smocklike. I kind of want to make it, but I’m afraid it would look like a maternity outfit. Also, you can see that my mother even kept the shopping bags. I think Discount Fabrics closed down decades ago!
mom simplicity pattern.JPGmom discount fabric bag.JPG

And finally, this morning work began on our driveway installation. It’s a big, noisy job, and Deedle was freaked out pretty much the whole day. The neighbor also freaked out and now seems ti hates us. Maybe I should give him a pink cookie?
driveway beginning.JPG

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  1. caitlyn says:

    What gorgeous fabrics!! It’s neat that your mom saved them from so long ago.

  2. molly! says:

    Hey, go for the smock! One of my friends wore a shirt like that on an airplane once and the flight attendants totally thought she was with child and upgraded her to an empty seat in first class! I say make it and try it out on your next international vacation.

  3. Amy says:

    If you use the pattern on the left (yellow dress with pockets) but make long sleeves, it’ll be like a Japanese apron. They’re the best- especially for frying!

  4. autum says:

    Wow! Aren’t you glad your mother saves things? That fabric is beautiful. I’m like you about the smock, I want to make one but they do sometimes look maternity-ish. Hey, if it gets you moved up to first class, wear the smock!

  5. carolyn says:

    with your stick figure arms & legs sticking out of it, i don’t think there’s much chance someone will mistake you for being pregnant. or wear it over jeans and it’ll be obvious you aren’t. i love the fabric in the lower, lower right with the segmented circles. very rad.

  6. pippi says:

    so very excellent!
    and it gives me yet another reason to hang on to all my scraps/craft supplies! maybe one day, my daughter will love them!

  7. Peggy says:

    Yes, by all means offer the neighbor a pink cookie, and if that doesn’t work (and I don’t like the idea of you living next to someone immune to pink cookies), send Deedle over to sort him out. Love the vintage finds. So lucky to have a mom who’s a saver. Mine’s a thrower-outer.

  8. juliet says:

    To make the smock pattern not like a maternity dress, add ties to it in the back, or the sides. 🙂 Very cute fabric!

  9. Gina says:

    This is just so wonderful! How very special to find these treasures and have them be your mother’s treasures!

  10. meg says:

    THE thing to do with smock dresses is to wear a wide leather belt aound your waist to define it. Very now over here in london.
    That fabric too is georgeous!! especially the blus and white.

  11. lera says:

    very nice fabrics! you’re so lucky.

  12. sue says:

    what got torn out? anything rare or unusual? maybe that’s why he’s upset. Years ago we gave 3 small-growing trees to a neighbor, they were growing well, and a new owner came and pulled them out, put in a pee-pee boy fountain, right where we had to look at it! Yes, I stared daggers at them….
    do keep us posted on your yard activities. The neighborhood looks lovely, with some nice plant selections. Japanese maples as street trees. >sigh

  13. amy k. says:

    oh man!! the fabrics are amazing-and you, my very thin friend, should have no worries about looking prego-and bring that pink cookie over here!!

  14. alison says:

    Ah, good — I was hoping you’d show the vintage fabrics. (And now I’m imagining you and your brother, going through childhood free of solid colours, dressed head to toe in those awesome prints. Paisley for shirts, and green-centred flowers on yellow for pants, right? 😉

  15. Silvia says:

    How funny! I’ve got the same pattern that I got from the thrift store. Cool! Make it and see if you like it…

  16. Penny says:

    I was digging vround my mum’s stash at the weekend as well, and she has some fabric identical to the green flowery one on the bottom right picture.
    They are a nice collection.

  17. melissa f. says:

    That’s great fabric. My mom’s a saver, but with slightly *ahem* different taste than my own. If anybody out there is in need of styrofoam balls, I’ve got the woman for you!

  18. stinkerbell says:

    you sew-y people and the cool fabrics!! you are killing me 🙂

  19. MissMeshell says:

    Oooh, those fabrics are fabulously yummy! I especially love the second one 🙂
    Your little Otama’s are so gorgeous!
    Meshell xx

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